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How Social Proof Can Power Your Marketing Strategies

how social proof can power your marketing strategies

Nowadays, most of the people are trying to develop a marketing campaign and in this regard, they are mainly focusing on making a sale to potential users. Sometimes, that sale is literal which means getting a user for the purpose of buying a product.

Other times, it is considered to be figurative such as persuading a user to properly fill out a contact form or it may merely convince them that your brand is an authority in your industry.

Also, in these days, most of the users are sharp and also naturally disrespectful of the brands especially in the traditional advertising messages. Accordingly, also an alternative way is needed by the brands so as to persuade users and one of the best modern tools for this is social proof.

What Is ‘Social Proof’?

Social proof is considered to be an important general term which refers to any piece of evidence from the peers of your intended audience. Along with that, it also verifies some element of your argument. For example, sometimes, it could be a word of praise from a past consumer which reinforces a claim you made about your products.

Why Is Social Proof Very Important?

Usually, social proof lends enough power to your marketing campaign in a variety of ways.

  • First of all, social proof is known to be about inspiring trust. There are up to 88 percent of the online users who trust reviews from the strangers’ as much as personal recommendations from the people they know.Generally, offering a single piece of social proof can help to make your claims seems more believable. It also makes people trust you more like a brand.
  • Apart from that, the social proof can contribute to giving you an edge over the competition. All you need is to assume that you are neck and neck with a close competitor with a similar history and also similar products.So, social proof can specifically serve as an ideal tiebreaker. Sometimes, social proof is more important than the product perfection, copywriting or other general marketing principles.
  • Social proof is sometimes much inconvenient and so, it does not require intensive creative brainstorming processes or large budgets the way some of the advertising tactics do. Instead, you will have to rely on your own customers for the purpose of generating the core content to use.


Usually, the customer reviews are considered to be short snippets of descriptive texts from the customers describing a product or short term service. Also, typically, there is a rating involved such as evaluation of the product on the basis of a 10-point scale or it is based on a certain number of stars.

Apart from that, you can also ask for the reviews on the product page of your site or follow up with your content with the help of email to request their specific feedback. So, you will add content to your site, make your products seem more valuable and in case you include micro formatting, you can also get those specific reviews featured in the Google search results.


The testimonials are more or less similar to the reviews in that they are created and also submitted by your customers. The big difference is that scale i.e. the reviews are short bits of text for services and products. On the other hand, the testimonials are more extended pieces which are written about a company overall.


So, it is evident from the above section that these are the best ways in which the social proof can power your marketing strategies.