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How To Focus Your Digital Marketing Efforts In 2020

How To Focus Your Digital Marketing Efforts In 2020

In this digital era, the sharing of information has become very much easier. Every year, there is the emergence of new technologies along with the tools which are proved to be very effective for digital marketers.

As a result, the marketers now have the option to choose from a wide variety of options which helps to build brand loyalty, promote their products as well as connecting with the new audiences.

For example, the marketers from renowned gaming companies are focusing to launch their successful influencer marketing campaign named #Superlord on TikTok.

So, what are the important trends in digital marketing for 2020 to consider? Most of the digital consumers get engaged with your online brand with more content, more influencer marketing, more web video, and a lot more.

So, here are given some of the best tips which will surely help to focus on your digital marketing efforts in 2020.

1. The Ascent Of Social Influencer Marketing

Currently, the influencers are considered to be “internet celebs” with the availability of thousands or even millions of followers.

So, in the current year i.e. 2020, companies are focusing most on the influences with small social media following and approaching them so that their voice reaches the target audience.

Also, influencer marketing has emerged as an integrated digital marketing effort which one should focus on in 2020. This digital marketing trend has currently become more personalized. It is seen that about 92 % of people tend to trust consumer recommendations rather than corporate advertising.

For example, marketers from renowned gaming companies have also focused on launching their successful influencer marketing campaign i.e. #Superlord on TikTok.

This helped the company to capture the market of Germany. It is predicted by further studies that by next year, the influencer marketing ad spend could reach $10 billion.

2. Streaming Of The Video Ad Engagement

In the year 2020, Video continues to remain a popular tactic for digital marketing from 2019. This is suggested by the Video Advertising Spend Report of IAB in 2019.

In this regard, the marketers report the digital budgets to increase by 25 % year by year. Not only that, but it is also considered to be a must marketing strategy for a particular year.

According to the IAB report,

• While watching free content, about 78 % of the viewers will also watch the ads/
• Online videos are watched by about 74 % of the U.S. consumers who are 13 years of age or even older weekly, whereas, 41 % tend to watch daily.
• Viewers pay attention to both the content as well as ads at the time of watching educational videos.

Videos can associate with the consumers strongly and as a result, they will focus on making a purchase decision.

Not only that, live videos specifically need to be paid attention to because, but Instagram Live and also Facebook Live videos also get watched about 3 times longer than the videos that are not live. So, it is very integral to take video ads along with living streaming seriously in 2020.

If you want to target teens and younger people, then, one of the best video streaming platforms for you is TikTok.

For example, a specific brand named Chili’s currently launched ads on TikTok to reach the younger audience. Currently, the brand is performing well with the help of its video ads.

3. Focusing More On Interactive Content

Currently, about, 91% of the buyers are looking for more interactive content online. In the year 2020, the main focus of content marketing will be to provide audiences more than what they want.

A few important examples of interactive content are quizzes, 360-degree video, AR/VR, shoppable posts, polls, etc. Rome: A Guided City Tour is a great example of a 360-degree video.

These are considered to be very engaging among the visitors. An important example of it is Knorr made use of quizzes as an interactive marketing strategy where they asked about 10 questions.

Among these, the users required to choose their favorite dishes. As a result, the company gets to know the flavor personas of the users.

This proved to be a great approach to the improvement of customer engagement. Not only that, but it also helps to boost brand awareness among consumers.

4. Considering Social Media Stories As An Important Digital Marketing Effort

The concept of stories was first brought forward by Snapchat. After that, this concept was also introduced by Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Now, with the emergence of TikTok, it has become a new trend in digital marketing.

Also, it continues to rise in the year 2020. These types of stories again disappear after a definite period. Some of the important benefits of using social media stories are:

• It provides you the opportunity to reach younger audiences.
• Also, it results in increased traffic to your web page.
• It is considered to be a cost-effective ad solution.
• You will get constant engagement with the followers with their help.
• It results in increased brand awareness.

One can also add Polls to their Stories for having more engagement with the users. For example, Polls was used by the National Basketball Association which asks the followers to give their thought about who would win the upcoming matches. It was proved to be a useful tool that helps to build anticipation around the event.

5. Content Experiences Will Be The New Face Of Content Marketing

Content is always the king of digital marketing strategy. So, as a digital marketer, you should always focus on your digital marketing efforts that are related to the content.

A lot of the B2B content marketers specifically make use of the educational assets for building the trust of the audience along with nurturing the leads.

Therefore, it is considered to be very important for inbound marketing. The brand should necessarily focus on the creation of content that is authoritative, relevant, and educate its audience.

Talking about the content experiences, it is considered to be an amalgamation of both contents as well as context. This thing matters a lot because a specific experience is always conveyed by the content. It can be either good or bad through elements such as placement, design, environment, and lot more.

For example, in 2011, the “Share a Coke” campaign was launched by Coca-Cola. This particular campaign is still going strong day by day. As a part of this campaign, the Coca-Cola lovers can personalize their bottles with either their or the name of their friend from the website of Coca-Cola.
This campaign becomes viral when the consumers post their pictures online with their personalized drinks.