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How to Get More LEADS with PPC Campaigns

How to Get More LEADS with PPC Campaigns

Traffic brought through PPC advertising yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising.

Conversions, brand awareness, promotions – there may be numerous goals for a digital marketing campaign. However, a prominent one is always generating leads. One of the avenues through which brands pursue this is through pay-per-click advertising (PPC) campaigns.

PPC is a great way to generate leads, promote brand awareness in a short time and get yourself right in front of your target audience to boost sales. Generating valuable leads can continue to bring in returns even after your campaign has ended. For expert help in lead generation through PPC, connect with the top PPC companies in India.

Here, we bring you the ultimate guide to generating the most quality leads from your PPC campaigns.

Brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads.

 Focus on keywords relating to your brand

Researching and identifying relevant keywords forms the most crucial component of a successful PPC campaign. Keywords are how your target audience can find you. It is important to identify and use the most relevant keywords that are applicable to your brand and industry.

For companies with a smaller budget, it may be difficult to use a variety of keywords. In that case, choose the most relevant of the list and keep updating them with time. It is also a great idea to look at the keywords used by industry leaders and try to incorporate them into the PPC campaign.

Revamp your lead-gen form

Asking for too much or too little on your form is a huge mistake that leads to fewer or low-quality leads. Based on your business, you need to identify exactly what information will help your sales and marketing team improve their conversion rate. This will allow you to create a relevant form for your target audience.

Staying too general may get you more leads but they are unlikely to be valuable. On the other hand, asking for too much information is sure to scare off your audience to another site. By identifying the information that is needed, you can create a form that even if detailed, encourage the right audience to share information.

Create ads and landing pages for your target audience

When it comes to generating leads from your PPC campaigns, the focus should entirely be on your target audience. Every ad copy or landing page needs to be tailored to appeal to your potential customers. Oftentimes, brands make the mistake of creating content for the general public. This tends to work against your target customers hurting your campaign.

Make sure the keywords are front and centre on your ad copy and landing page. Create content that instantly clicks in the minds of a customer in context with their search. To know more about how you can tailor your content to your target audience, connect with a leading PPC agency in India.

Create a specific call-to-action

Before running your PPC campaign, consider what the main objective you are hoping to achieve is. Here, you can’t have a general statement if you are looking to generate quality leads. Instead, make your call to action clear and specific. For instance, use things like ‘sign up today for the latest offers’ or ‘click now for a free consultation’ for encouraging leads.

By stating the specific action, it also gives the audience a clear idea of what to do. Often times the audience is willing to share information when they are shopping but they just don’t know what or where to enter their data.

When it comes to PPC campaigns, brands can achieve numerous goals from a single campaign. Identifying the main goals and objectives of the campaign is essential and helps create a roadmap for the campaign.

Additionally, it is important to constantly review and update your campaign to ensure it is still relevant. Everything from keywords, your ad copy and headline to your location need to be assessed regularly.

This will ensure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment as PPC can be quite expensive for certain industries. For more details on creating an effective PPC campaign that helps your business generate quality leads, be sure to reach out to the best PPC services in Mumbai.