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How to select the best from facebook ad campaign objectives

how to select the best from facebook ad campaign objectivesEven before the marketing team paces ahead for creating Facebook ads, it’s important to understand the objective. Here are some tips that would help you determine the goals and choose the right type of campaign accordingly.

When you are planning for an ad campaign, there are basically three types you need to consider with the sales funnel. Let’s have a look at how these campaigns match to the objectives so you can come up with something that works best for the success of your business.

Awareness Campaigns

As the name implies, awareness campaigns are used for making the customers aware about the products or services you would be offering. Under such campaigns, brand awareness objectives enable you to show ads to garner utmost attention while reach objective ads are for those who wish to reach out to the maximum number of people.

Despite the fact that both the campaign objectives are laid down for telling more about the offerings, there’s always an option to include a call to action button. You should always make sure that the campaigns are carefully optimized for people to click on the CTA button. In case you are managing a business in the city you live in, then reach objective can help you to engage the audience.

Consideration Campaigns

Consideration campaigns are for people who are sure to go for the products or services. Traffic, app installs, lead generation and video views are the types of consideration campaigns. The traffic objective helps to drive more web traffic in case you wish to enhance the content strategy. On the other hand, the app installs objective directs the individuals to a mobile app once they click the URL. Moreover, the engagement objective can be chosen only when you want to boost the engagement on posts or the page. With the video views campaign objective, you can introduce the product or services through videos. This actually brings them a step closer to purchase whatever you like to offer.

Conversion campaign objectives

Conversion is one of the main purposes of social media marketing. The store visits campaign helps you to decide the area which you wish to serve and choose a CTA button for the advertisement. In case you are running an E-Commerce company, then product catalog campaign objective should be your choice. This objective is designed to lure people to purchase items from the online store. This objective gets highlighted with dynamic ads. With the help of the dynamic ad feature, you can always create a template based on the images and details fetched from the product catalog. In the end, you don’t need to bother about configuring ads when unique ads can aid to promote the product catalog.