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Impact of H1 Tag on your SEO

Impact of H1 Tag on your SEO

In 2020, there are 58 billion unique indexed webpages in Google search, up 38.1% in five years.

SEO is an important buzzword for anyone looking to grow their business online. There are several aspects that go into a successful SEO campaign. While some of them may involve complicated algorithms, simple measures such as an H1 tag can also work wonders.

For the longest time, H1 tags were incorporated into every SEO strategy by the best SEO companies in Mumbai. However, recently there has been some debate regarding the validity of its importance. In this article, we look at e impact of H1 tags on your SEO.

 25% of all small business websites are missing an H1 tag.

The H1 Tag

The H1 Tag is what you typically see topmost on a page. This may be the title of the article or the major descriptor highlighted in a larger and bold font. It is the heading of the page. It can either be used to describe the page you are landing on or the content of the article you are about to read, similar to a heading in a book.

H1 Tag and SEO

When it comes to the H1 Tag and SEO, there is a significant relationship. A relevant H1 Tag helps Google algorithms rank your site based on a related search. Ideally, the heading of your page, blog, article etc. is indicative of the content contained therein. A good H1 Tag helps Google find your page easily when audiences search for keywords or content specific to your page. However, avoid using H1 Tags that aren’t accurate as Google’s algorithms are quick to notice bounce-rate too!

Advantages of H1 Tags

  1. Help Google and prospective audiences find you better. A clear headline also makes it easier for audiences to find specific information where there is a lot of content.
  2. Helps improve your ranking. There are several tags that companies can use to organise their pages. However, an H1 Tag allows for greater clarity, thus helping with SEO and ranking. For more details on how to leverage H1 Tags with SEO, be sure to connect with the best SEO Company in Mumbai.
  3. Can use popular keywords for relevant searches. The use of keywords is crucial in SEO and an H1 Tag is a great place to add keywords. However, be sure to avoid over-stuffing as it could backfire on you.

Tips to write the best H1 Tag for SEO

Add a primary keyword: Instead of using multiple keywords, identify your primary keyword and use that in the heading. Filling too many secondary keywords can look like a spam article and make the audiences feel like you are pushing too hard, making them pull back.

Make it big and bold: The H1 Tag should be what grabs the audience’s instant attention. The minute they view a page, the H1 Tag should stand out from the rest of the content. A mix of font, style, colour etc. can all help design a strong H1 Tag. An SEO company in Mumbai can help you with powerful H1 Tags that boost your accessibility and ranking.

Do not lie: following the H1 Tag with irrelevant or unrelated information is a big negative. Not only will you lose credibility with your audience, but Google is bound to notice and drop your ranking. Make sure to write an accurate H1 Tag that reflects the content of the page.

Keep it crisp: A short and descriptive H1 Tag is better than a long and vague one. In case you have additional sub-titles and details, break them up into H2 and H3 Tags. Make sure your H1 Tag is under 10 words, ideally under 7 words.

Avoid repetition: Create unique H1 Tags for all your pages/ posts. Using the same Tag could be assumed as plagiarism which may affect your ranking.

H1 Tags and their importance in SEO may be up for debate, but it is still an important aspect of your site. Well-drafted and clear H1 Tags make it easier for Google and your audience to find you. Additionally, they also help organise your information thereby enhancing user experience – a massive factor in determining ranking. To know more about creating effective and search-friendly H1 Tags, partner with the best SEO services in Mumbai today.