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Interesting Facts About Social Commerce & Consumers

Social Commerce & Consumers
Social Commerce & Consumers

Social commerce is nothing but the convergence of social networks and E-Commerce. It actually involves social media that assist customers in the buying decision. Way back in 2005, when the term was introduced, a set of collaborative tools were used. These include user ratings, shared pick lists, and user-generated content. Today, social commerce helps for effective engagement and gives a reason for customers to visit the website once again. Moreover, it also offers an opportunity for customers to speak more about the brand. Besides, customers can research and compare even before they select an organization among key market players.

Now, here’s the list of interesting facts you ought to know.

In the modern era, visitors fond of shopping are frequently using social networking sites to purchase items. This is evident because these websites are gradually been recognized as online marketplaces. As brands are convinced about the value, companies are using the sites as channels to sell their products. In fact, last year, it was announced that the site’s shopping section would be revamped drastically. This would help the visitor to buy products from the platform rather than getting redirected to the visitor’s website. Eventually, a superior online shopping experience would be on their way.

Facebook-owned Instagram took steps to transform the site with the direct ad response formats. This actually encouraged users to respond to the posts through CTA buttons like ‘Shop Now’, ‘Learn More’ or ‘Install’. While the development was in full swing, Snapchat decided to come up with its own E-Commerce website. On the contrary, the team at Twitter was actually proactive to test the ‘buy’ button.

While many brands haven’t tried out the mode of shopping, customers are not able to purchase items from the social media channels. Rather, the behavior would change because the brands’ social page is certainly an inspiration. In future, they won’t be among those 56% who simply view the products. Instead, they would soon realize the power of social commerce. If you want someone to assist you with the online marketing strategy, then contact an SMO company in Navi Mumbai.

According to a president of an international coalition, brands need to be serious with their social media sales strategies. He said that once shopping on social media is properly implemented the sites won’t fail to serve as a sales channel. There might be less number of people who prefer navigating E-Commerce websites for the item of their choice.

Lastly, a research revealed that Facebook was most popular for direct purchasing. As 19% of visitors preferred using the platform, 10% loved Twitter followed by 9% on Instagram, 7% on Pinterest and 5% on Snapchat. Facebook is known to be popular among the middle-aged individuals. But, the situation is much opposite with 54 to 65-year-old individuals. A huge difference was found in the number of people engaged with Facebook. This is what brands should observe closely when they are planning to consider the social shopping route for increasing sales.  At the end, companies should be smart to plan with a social media marketing company.