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Latest web design trends to follow in 2021

latest web design trends to follow in 2021

68% of consumers say that they have much higher expectations for businesses’ digital capabilities in the wake of COVID-19.

Web design has undergone significant changes in the last few years. From a standard design template to quirky innovative ideas – web design trends have been rapidly changing. An increasing number of brands realise the importance of a good online impression and website. To ensure your business is getting the online attention it deserves, consult with the best web design company in Mumbai.

Here, we bring you the latest web design trends that you need to know.

Parallax scrolling

A typical scrolling system is soon becoming outdated. Now web designers are shifting to dynamic scrolling options such as parallax scrolling. Here, both the foreground and background move while scrolling but at different speeds. Typically, the foreground moves at a faster speed than the background, giving it a 3D-like appearance. An important point to remember while designing parallax scrolling is to keep the background speed slow to avoid triggering headaches or visual difficulty in the audience.

Clutter-free designs

Clean, clear, and minimalistic-these are the new web design trends that are making waves these days. Gone are the days of cluttering the website with too much information. Nowadays, audiences prefer websites with minimalistic content that are easy to read and navigate. While it is important to make sure audiences can access all relevant information on your website, it doesn’t have to be grouped together. A well-designed website allows for exhaustive information distributed across different pages while providing easy navigation. To know more about this feature, please consult the Best web designing company in India.

Unique cursors

This is a fun new element that greatly enhances the visual appeal of a website. Brands are using creative cursors that represent their product or service as a fun and interactive tool. From food items to musical instruments and make-up accessories, innovative cursor designs are a great way of adding an exciting element to the web design without compromising on space.

Grid design

Along with minimalistic content, clutter-free websites are being preferred leading to the latest trend of grid designs. A grid design website makes use of horizontal or vertical (or both) gridlines that work as indicators for placing content. This form of design helps provide a clear idea of where to place content and graphics so as to maintain the minimalistic look of the website. Pro-tip-there are a lot of grid templates available that one can use. However, for a more creative solution-design your own grid! A good web design company in India can help you create the best grid design for your website.

Darker subdued aesthetics

While bright colourful designs could merit a joyful appeal, the trend is shifting to darker colours with clear fonts. This sort of colour palette makes it easier for audiences to read content and navigate the site for a longer time as it reduces eye strain. Additionally, any light use of colour contrasts wonderfully with the dark background enhancing the overall appeal of the website. Another prominent reason for the popularity of the dark mode is reduced battery usage, especially for late-night mobile surfers.

66% of customers want brands to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.

 Improved navigational experience

The entire focus of web design trends is an increased focus on customer experience. From the look, design, colour palette, and font style-everything is evolving as per audience needs. This has necessitated the need for an improved focus on customer experience as well. Be it optimised landing pages, easy-to-read content, or image and audio options, website functionality is a leading motivator for improving web design.

For any brand to attract audiences and prospective customers, its online strategy needs to be on point. The central point of any strategy is the website of which web design is a crucial element. Without a great website, any number of SEO or PPC campaigns will ultimately show signs of slowing down. To ensure that your website is relevant, engaging, and functional, be sure to prioritise your web design.

Remember, trends are constantly evolving. A website design that was relevant 5 years ago may be completely out-of-date today. Reach out to a great Web Designing Agency in India to ensure your business is putting its best foot forward in the digital world.