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Local Search Ranking Factors To Consider In 2018

local search ranking factors to consider in 2018If you are running an online business, then you should always optimize the website for local search. As it is observed with Google, the local search algorithm constantly undergoes revision. However, with the local SEO checklist mentioned below, you can always position the business and race ahead in the competitive world.

Before moving ahead, local SEO is nothing but improving the search visibility with physical locations. Whenever Google checks out that someone is searching for services or a product, the conventional local algorithm is never considered.

Now, let’s have a look at what you need to do for enhancing the visibility of the website.

Check the homepage

As Google certainly has to be clear of certain things, the home page should have an H1 headline and meta content with who you are and what you deal in.

Use keywords relevant to the business

Some people may refer things with different words. So, when you are searching for keywords, you need to check out what the local audience uses. For instance, Google Keyword Planner helps you to search keywords by the location you desire.

Unless you are spending on paid ads, Google won’t give you the number of individuals who have been searching with certain terms. But, in the end, you should be relevant and specific.

After preparing the list of keywords, you must use them in the content, headers, URLs and meta content. In case the company is constantly shifting from one location to the other, then you can create blog posts relevant to the area. Contact an SEO company in Navi Mumbai to know how experts can help you optimize the site.

Create a web page for every product / service

Creating web pages for every product can certainly enhance the SEO rank. If you are managing a local business, then optimize every page with different locations.

Remember to add schema to the website

Structured data along with the code can actually help search engines understand the web page. In case of a local schema, you need to provide the business name, contact details, working hours, and other information that would aid to present the business. For checking whether there’s a schema, you can use the Google structured data testing tool.

Always include name, address and phone number

For local SEO, it’s important to mention the name, address and the phone number. The information could be posted either in the header or the footer. If your team works from multiple locations, then you can create a page for every location. While including the address, you shouldn’t forget to state the zip code.

Consider reviews important

As you search the business name on Yelp, you should check the business name, address and phone number. Pay attention to reviews and try to respond in the best way when you come across negative feedback.

Finally, you should always claim Google My Business page and ensure consistency in the business listing across different directories. Link building can also help to increase the rank and demonstrate authority. Get in touch with digital marketing company in Mumbai to know more about online marketing trends.