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New Features of LinkedIn Advertising in 2020

new features of linkedin advertising in 2020

Make use of LinkedIn’s latest advertising features in 2020

LinkedIn Marketing delivers up to 2 times higher engagement rate for marketers.

The ongoing market has made everything digital. While online marketing campaigns and advertisements were an important aspect of all social media ads services, they have become even more so now.

LinkedIn, as a platform, has proven to be invaluable for businesses. Keeping this in mind the company has launched several features that help businesses advertise better and reach new audiences.

Conversion Tracking

This feature helps you measure the true impact of your LinkedIn ads, so you can optimize them to be even better. You can see how your ads led to valuable actions on your website, including content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, and more. This feature also allows you to track conversions from people who viewed your ad, not just who clicked.

One of the huge advantages offered by this feature is that it gives access to demographic data on audiences that are converting, such as their job titles, companies, and industries, and use this intelligence to improve your campaign’s targeting and content.

Enjoy up to 13.5% lower cost per acquisition using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking tool.

Contact Targeting

This feature allows you to build a customized audience. You can securely market to prospects and known contacts by securely uploading your email address lists and delivering relevant content to prospects and clients. This feature also helps drive conversions by enhancing visibility during the buying process.


This LinkedIn feature helps you tailor your message to the moment by personalizing content based on the actions of the audience. Using this you can engage with buyers through their journey, a critical aspect in building valuable relationships.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

If you’re looking to optimise your marketing campaign for maximum reach and conversion, the Insight Tag feature is a brilliant addition. This feature helps you optimize your campaigns, retarget your website visitors, and learn more about your audiences. Understanding the kind of traffic coming to your website is as critical as generating traffic. Here, you can gain powerful demographic insights about your website visitors, such as their job titles, companies, industries, and more at no extra cost.

Lead Generation

The number one focus of every social media company and marketing campaign is lead generation. Generating quality leads that could convert into customers can offer a huge advantage to your business and LinkedIn is here to help you with just that. By accessing demographic data and retargeting visitors businesses can generate quality leads that convert.

Lead Gen Forms

Enhance the quality of your leads with this feature. No one likes filling out forms on websites and this is a common reason businesses don’t get sufficient leads. What LinkedIn offers is a pre-filled form for a prospect filled with their details that they can choose to submit with a single click. You can also download your leads from Campaign Manager or integrate them with your preferred marketing automation or CRM tool.

LinkedIn marketing offers up to 2 times higher conversion rates for marketers.

Website demographics

The importance of user demographics cannot be stated enough and this feature gives you valuable insight into your audiences. This helps you target the people who are most likely to become qualified leads and customers with timely and relevant content.

Account Targeting

With this feature, you can run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns and target audiences by professional demographics so as to better reach the people who make buying decisions at your highest-value accounts.

LinkedIn Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network offers you access to millions of professionals across multiple touchpoints on their network, you can extend your Sponsored Content ads to professionals who are active on the Audience Network, scaling your message with up to 25% more reach. You can also boost your campaign performance across all your objectives and achieve a better return on ad spend and engagement by activating your message on both the LinkedIn feed and the network.


When it comes to running a successful marketing campaign, outlining clear objectives and reaching prospective targets is essential for success. LinkedIn has proved to be an important tool for business in every strategy. Using these features you can enhance the performance of your campaign as well as receive measurable metrics to track performance. To know more about how you can best utilise LinkedIn’s new features, be sure to connect with a LinkedIn Advertising Agency.