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PPC tips for businesses on small budgets

Expert PPC tips for a small business budget

Paid advertisements have a 200% ROI.

When it comes to planning an online marketing strategy, both SEO and PPC get a lot of attention. A lot of small businesses are turning to the Internet to sell their products at a reduced cost. In a sea of competition, paid advertising is a great way to get your products visible to the target audience instantly.
That being said, cost can be a concerning factor for a lot of businesses. When the budget is small, deciding on an effective PPC campaign can be overwhelming. Partnering with a top PPC company in Mumbai can help maximize the returns on your investment and ensure it is challenged effectively, as any mistake here could be costly.
To help you get started, we also bring you the best PPC tips to kick-start your marketing campaign while on a budget.

Define your goals

This may sound basic and obvious, but a lot of small businesses lose out on great results because their goals are not clearly mapped out. Write down your goals in clear terms. Is it gaining visibility, making consumers aware of a particular offer, apprising users of a new product launch, or enhancing conversions by a certain percentage? Whatever your goal is, define it in clear, quantifiable terms and then create your PPC campaign to achieve it.

Emphasize familiar products that are in-demand

Most small businesses try to focus a lot of their attention on niche products. While this is a great idea when you have a larger budget, it may not be best to start with. The focus here is to bring consumers to your website with products they are familiar with. If you advertise a product that is popular, chances are audiences may click on your link even if you are a new and small company. Once they are a customer or have visited your website you can prompt them towards your other products as well.

Use location-specific ads
A lot of businesses have global awareness these days because of the internet. However, if you are a small business, chances are you may not be shipping to every international location yet. Identify your core deliverable areas and focus on them. Don’t waste money advertising in places your product won’t reach and miss out on opportunities where it will. You can decide your location based on distance, cities, and states, or customize it for what works best for your company. If you need help, you can always reach out to one of the leading PPC advertising companies in India.

Optimize your website and landing pages
This may not seem like a PPC strategy, but a lot of businesses lose out on a sale if their website does not function properly. If a customer clicks on a link to make a purchase and the website crashes or the site speed is slow, they are sure to close the window. Before spending on your PPC campaign, make sure your landing pages are ready to help convert the sale.

Use negative keywords
Every time someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged. While not every click will lead to a conversion, it is best to avoid placing your ads where it isn’t relevant. This is where negative keywords come in. Research which keywords may trigger your ad unnecessarily and take steps to avoid it. The better you can target your audience and their searches, the more cost-effective will be your campaign. Be sure to update this list regularly as things are constantly evolving online.

Monitor your campaign regularly
You cannot start a PPC campaign and assume your work is done. Instead, it has just begun. Remember, every click is chargeable. To ensure your budget isn’t exhausted sooner than expected, be sure to review the metrics regularly. This will help you identify any keywords that need to be changed, locations that need to be updated, or any other concerns that you may not have noticed.

Managing a PPC campaign is not always easy, especially if you are also involved in running your business. When on a small budget, any mistake can be extremely expensive. To avoid letting your money go to waste, if you aren’t experienced in this field, it may be advisable to reach out to a professional.
A lot of PPC management services in India offer customized solutions based on a company’s goals. This can help you get professional help without breaking the bank as well as help you create an effective campaign that is sure to start showing results sooner.