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PPC tips for small business

ppc tips for small business

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

PPC (pay-per-click) is among the most effective digital marketing strategies available for brands these days. From reaching a larger target audience to boosting conversions, PPC campaigns can work wonders for a business.

As the brand only pays for the ads that customers click on, it can be extremely cost-effective in boosting awareness without increasing costs significantly. However, while a lot of large companies are partnering with a top PPC company in Mumbai, several small businesses are unsure as they feel it might be expensive. This can leave several profitable opportunities unexplored.

Here, we bring you our top 5 PPC tips for small businesses to boost growth.

1. Pick keywords with a high ROI

Before finalizing your PPC campaign, it is crucial to identify the right keywords for your business. Run a keyword search, check your competitors’ content, or even consumer forums to understand which keywords are highly relevant.

Once you identify these, choose the ones that are in line with your product features and are known to drive traffic. It is better to have a few high-converting keywords than several low-performing keywords. As every click is payable, it is important to make sure every click converts as well.

2. Highlight accessibility to locals

85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses.

An increasing number of searches on Google are location-specific. People largely prefer scouting for products and services that meet their needs from a nearby location. Use the advantage of geo-targeting to make your ads more accessible to prospective customers nearby. Additionally, if a particular search term or language is more prevalent in your local area, be sure to include it in your PPC ad for maximum reachability. PPC advertising companies in India can help you get the maximum return from your PPC efforts.

3. Focus on the clarity of your ad content

A PPC ad comes with a limited word count. Businesses have to make a big and instant impression with a small bit of space. Vague and unclear ads will have the audiences quickly moving to the next ad in line. Instead. Focus on simple and clear content that is quick to assimilate. Make sure your content is in line with the search intent and keyword used for maximum relevance. Great content can help lead to massive conversions and boost website traffic in a short period of time.

41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page.

4. Specify your CTA (call-to-action)

Every digital strategy and every ad has a purpose. It could be to bring more people to your website, increase brand awareness, or motivate a purchase. Specify what you want your customers to do clearly with a well-defined CTA.
T sweeten the deal, offer customers an incentive. For instance, a discount for a purchase, new information for a website visit, etc. Often brands lose out on an effective PPC campaign as they do not highlight a clear call to action. This often leaves the audience unsure of how to proceed next, which often results in them moving on to the next search item.

5. Reach out to an expert  

There are several aspects to running a successful PPC campaign. For a small business, every little investment needs to be done carefully. To ensure you channel your budget in the best way possible, connect with a PPC agency in Mumbai. An expert professional can help you at every stage of your PPC campaign, from identifying the best keywords to framing effective content as well as monitoring the results. A lot of times people start a campaign but don’t monitor it to check what is working and what isn’t. Just like everything else, it is critical to constantly tweak your PPC campaign to ensure it stays relevant and continues to bring in conversions.

A PPC campaign can work wonders for a small business. While they require an investment, if done well, they can offer quick results in a cost-effective manner. However, without the right know-how, businesses can end up losing money too. Investing in low-converting keywords or not monitoring results consistently, can lead to a huge expense with less returns.

To ensure you give your small business a big boost and invest your money carefully, we recommend partnering with top PPC companies in India for your digital marketing campaign.