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SEO Competitor analysis is important for Your Business

seo competitor analysis is important for your business

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

No business works in isolation. Competition is constant in every industry and occurs online too. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a critical medium through which brands can stay ahead of the competition. However, a competitor analysis can help you leverage your competitors’ weaknesses and use their strengths to further strengthen your ranking online.

SEO competitor analysis

An SEO competitor analysis looks at the competitors in your industry and analyses their strategies against your own. This strategy helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors by analyzing their content, ads, and other strategies and shows you how your brand measures up in comparison.

Often, brands get stuck in their traditional marketing methods and miss out on new opportunities. By looking at what your competitors are up to, you may be able to develop creative solutions that better serve your customers. The idea here is not to copy but to improve performance. To know where you stand against your competitors, be sure to tie up with the best SEO Company in India.

Getting started with SEO competitor analysis

Find your competition

There may be several brands in your industry, but not everyone is necessarily the competitor you want to focus on. Your competition is the brands that rank above you. Visit their website to analyze their strategy. Additionally, look at the keywords they are using that are bringing them a higher rank. An SEO agency in Mumbai can help you identify and analyze your competitor’s strategies effectively.

Identify keyword gaps

Now that you know who your main competitors are, it is time to focus on the keywords. One way to identify any gaps in your keyword use is by conducting a page analysis. This means looking at the highest-ranked pages of your competitors and identifying the keywords used. Once you identify relevant keywords that you have kissed, you can incorporate them in your digital strategy moving forward. Bear in mind not to use keywords incorrectly as they are sure to backfire in the long run.

Titles and tags

The title plays an important role when Google determines the ranking. Check to see if your title has relevant keywords. If not, look at the title of the pages that get ranked and adjust accordingly. Additionally, make sure to optimize your headings, sub-headings, and meta-description tags. While these may range in importance, their combined benefits can help get a better rank. For more information on how to adopt these strategies effectively, consult with an experienced SEO company in Mumbai.

Compare and analyze content

When it comes to online ranking, content plays a huge role. Take a look at your competitors’ content and compare it in terms of keyword usage, keyword density, range of keywords, etc. Another important factor to note here is the type of content. Are the pages getting the most traffic blogs, feature articles, infographics, or videos? Understanding the nature of content that is preferred by customers can help you target your prospective audience better.

Track and review your progress

This is a crucial factor that most brands miss out on. The digital world is constantly evolving and so is everything in it. Keywords, strategies, ideas – these are always getting updated and brands need to adapt to these changes to stay ahead. Once you have run an SEO competitor analysis and identified any weaknesses, implement the changes but continue to monitor them. Track the differences in search hits, traffic, and other metrics that help you judge how your new strategy is performing.  Make sure to conduct regular SEO audits and competitor analysis to ensure you are still visible to your audience. SEO companies in India can help you achieve all this and more, and keep your brand from losing out on exciting opportunities due to a poor ranking.

There is no denying that an SEO competitor analysis can be highly fruitful. Yet, a lot of businesses do not opt for this. This may due to the technical nature of this activity or because they aren’t aware of its importance. Whatever the reason, not conducting a competitor analysis could cause brands to miss out on several opportunities.

There are several options to run an SEO competitor analysis, including the availability of templates online. However, for an effective solution, it is recommended to hire an expert that can look into every nuance and offer you the maximum benefit. For more details, reach out to a digital marketing agency offering result-oriented SEO services in India.