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Snapchat, Facebook: What’s Next for Social Media?

Today, with technology advancement and growing popularity of social media, most of the big brands, creators and small businesses, it is tough to stand out from the digital crowd on social media. Without spending a good amount into advertising as well as content that comprises investing in resources (people) for video production and graphic design.

Instead of the social media setting incessantly evolving throughout changes in their algorithm and you can check recent redesign of Snapchat that has made it tough for users to get views on their online content in both manners, still there is worth to be had from a marketing and sales standpoint in case companies go back to the fundamentals of 1-to-1 marketing as well as accept the actuality that organic reach is dejected without ad spend.

Recently I was at Social Media Marketing World 2018 here I had the opportunity to record a podcast meeting which touched on the following subjects that are top of mind for each and every marketer:

Is Snapchat for business dead?

For the higher part of two years, we can see that Instagram has made drastic improvements to its social media platform which has impacted in a mass movement of creators and marketers that once supposed that Snapchat will, actually, be the next Facebook over to highly demanded Instagram. A current poll in the group of Social Media Masterminds on Facebook pointed out that less than 10% of professionals are utilizing Snapchat in their own business. Even as Snapchat is not deceased totally, the potential reach is not there for most of the businesses unless their objective demographic is amid the ages of 13 to 24 years old.

Advertisement on Facebook

It doesn’t matter you are a local gardener, a florist or you are running a dry-cleaning company, the simplest way to reach local customers in your town or city is through Facebook advertisements. Personally, I am also working with real estate agents and I generally suggested setting aside a nominal Facebook ad budget of $300 for each month or $10 for each day to get their online content in front of the right viewers versus posting their marketing content to an indefinite user base. With such type of a small proportion of page fans seeing your marketing content these days, running ads on Facebook is not an alternative – it is a need.

AI and Chatbots

Possibly you know that bots are a realistic tool for companies that cannot spend their money in hiring a devoted social media manager or community. Within your own Facebook page or business page you can set up an assistant within some minutes (it is available for free) whereby anytime anyone clicks on the button “Send Message” on your page she would get an automatic message whereby you can allow your visitor recognize that currently you are not available as you are away but to leave you a note and you would get in touch as soon as possible.