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Social Media PPC To Boost Performance To Conversion

social media ppc to boost performance to conversion

There are many of the best ways in which the social media PPC can effectively boost performance to conversion which are again discussed well in this section.

PPC Ad Campaigns

In case you have invested in PPC or pay per click campaigns and you did not get the desired results, they should not be discouraged to try them again. But, before you start with your next campaign, you need to do a bit more research and ultimately work on optimization of your conversion rate.

  1. Tracking Your Conversions

You should know how your ad campaigns are performing before you start working on improving your conversion rate. For this purpose, you also need to well aware of your existing conversion rate. So, you should start tracking your conversions which you are currently getting. The data should also include all your PPC campaigns.

In case you are making use of the Google Adwords, then, it will necessarily give you all the data from your PPC campaigns. Effective tracking of your conversions helps in the proper identification of your best PPC campaigns and so, you can easily compare them with the poorly performing ones.

  1. Keep Testing I.e. A/B Split Testing

It is very important for you to keep testing different elements on your website especially on your landing page for the purpose of enhancing your conversion rate. So, testing the different element on your landing page is known to be the A/B testing. There are mainly two variants of a webpage shown to the same group of people in A/B testing.

After that, the conversions are tracked and the webpage which has a better conversion rate or engagement is mainly used for the rest of the campaign. Many different elements that are tested include the images, background color, call-to-actions buttons, font style, copy, form fields, etc.

The conversion rate of the campaign can again be influenced by the specific design of the landing page. So, it is very important to test different elements on your landing page for the purpose of identifying ones that have a good conversion rate. You need to move on to the next once you have completed one element.

  1. Aligning Ad Copy With The Landing Pages

Let’s take; you see an ad on Google search for instance. So, you click on it and also find something which is completely different whenever you reach the landing page. You will leave the website immediately in case the landing page does not contain what you are looking for.

This exactly will happen whenever your ad copy does not match with your landing page. If there is a mismatch between the landing page and also the ad page, then the visitors will immediately leave your website. Ultimately, you will see a high bounce rate.


So, these are a few ways that can be used for improving your conversion rate. It also helps in creating ads that are based on the specific needs of your clients.