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The 10 Principles Of Successful Instagram Marketing

the 10 principles of successful instagram marketing

Is there any simple formula to successful Instagram marketing? There is not exactly one simple thing to do things well on Instagram but there is the presence of several principles.

It will again lead to a stronger following, a higher conversion rate or more leads if it is followed properly. Here are given 10 best principles of successful Instagram marketing which will guide you to your next campaign.

  1. Robust bio

Your bio is much more than your website URL, username or business name. It is all about giving a clear picture of your website with a single profile photo with less than 150 characters of explanation. So, you need to make your bio compelling, clear and also concise.

  1. Clearly defined audience

You must be well aware of your audience. It is considered to be a very important step. Usually, the most stunning Instagram content in the world would not do any good in case it is not carefully curated to your audience.

  1. Measurable goals

Clearly defined goals are always considered to be a good strategy which you can monitor and measure throughout the campaign. Any specific Instagram campaign is not completed without them.

Thus, you should have several mini goals which will ultimately lead to a larger goal. You will maintain motivation as you monitor your specific objectives and mark your successes. This will again carry you through a successful marketing campaign.

  1. Analytics tracking

Whenever you have set your goals, the best way to measure them is through the analytics tools. In this regard, you can easily start with the Instagram Insights which is a built-in free tool involved in measuring the insights and numbers which are related to your post engagements, follower rate, audience and lot more.

  1. Steady theme

The use of a clearly defined theme on your profile is considered to be an often overlooked principle of good Instagram marketing. Your page usually gets a cohesive look with the help of a theme where the users can see your image and know that it is you.

  1. Consistent posting

Establishment of a consistent posting schedule helps to keep your follower’s engagement without spamming their newsfeeds. The advice is to post at least once per day to your newsfeeds. Also, you need to post several times per day to your Stories feed.

  1. A Growing following

With a small follower base, there are very few marketing campaigns which are considered successful. So, your first goal should be around 1,000 followers and then 5,000. You are automatically considered to be verified and automatic brand on Instagram once you reach 10,000 followers.

  1. The 80/20 rule

Instagram is mainly a platform about forming of the connections. Consumers like to follow the brands but, only in case, they feel like there are receiving the mutual benefit. Most of the people also do not like to get annoyed by too many promotional posts or advertisements.

So, one needs to follow the 80/20 rule with advertising in your Instagram posts which means that 80 percent of your posts should be all about building your brand and also 20 percent of your posts should be promotional.

  1. Daily stories

Mainly, Instagram Stories receives more than 500,000 visitors every single day. Many people are logging in more than one in order to hear stories from their favorite brands and friends. So, it is an excellent place to share tips, high-value content and also promotions for your services or brands.

  1. Strong hashtags

Hashtags can contribute to making your posts searchable. So, they are one of the best tools to grow your audience and thereby creating a consistent content pattern. All that you need is the combination of branded and trending hashtags which help to keep your profile trending and up to date.