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The effective guide to implementing your Pay-Per-Click correctly

The effective guide to implementing your Pay-Per-Click correctly

Google Ads alone reaches a network of more than $2 million websites and applications.

Marketing is the name of the game for all companies these days. The shift to digital marketing had been steadily on the rise, however, after the COVID pandemic, its increased multi-fold. Every brand is looking for new and innovative ways to beat the over-crowded platforms and get noticed by their prospective customers.

One great way to do so is with PPC. This advertising medium helps boost traffic and if used correctly, leads to conversions in a shorter amount of time. However, to be economically viable, it is best to tie up with a professional PPC company in Mumbai.

Here, we bring you important tips to consider when planning your PPC campaign.

Know the what, who and when

For any PC campaign to be effective, brands need to be crystal clear on certain elements:

What: The action that your desire to be taken from your customers. Are you selling a product, promoting a service, looking for sign-ups etc?

Who: Clearly define your target audience in terms of demographics, preferences, search behaviour, location etc.

When: The timing of your ad is also important to get maximum results from your PPC campaign. If factors such as season, global events, and trending moments influence your product, be sure to factor those in when planning your campaign.

Identify the keywords

Keywords are crucial for every online marketing strategy. However, when it comes to PPC campaigns, you can end up spending a lot more if you aren’t up-to-date on the best keywords for your brand. You need to know the specifics that your customers use when they search for your product. In addition, you also need to focus on search intent. Once implemented, you need to constantly monitor your keywords to see how they’re performing and which are getting the most clicks.

Using the right keywords can help you increase conversions in a short amount of time while an ad without this element can lead to high expenditure with little return. Connect with the best PPC services in Mumbai to make sure your campaign is on point and in front of your prospective customers.

Set a clear budget in mind

Based on your industry and keywords, you’ll be able to roughly estimate your budget for the campaign. However, keywords are charged differently based on their popularity and nature of specificity. You need to estimate the cost-per-click (CPC) for your ad and determine if it works for your brand. To avoid overspending, be sure to set a maximum budget ahead of time for every keyword you use based on conversions, traffic and your campaign objectives.

Focus on your ad copy and CTA

A PPC gives you a short space for you to convince your customers. This requires your ad copy to be compelling enough for visitors to click on it regardless of which other ads are on the page. Along with keywords to find your ad, the ad copy needs to be well-written to encourage customers to click the link.

The most important feature here is to highlight the USP of your product and focus on the value it brings to your customers. Does it make their life easier? Is it innovative? Are you offering a good deal?

Finally, make sure you include a clear CTA in your ad. Are you looking for a purchase, sign-ups to generate leads, or encourage website traffic? All these factors need to be considered in-depth before planning your PPC campaign.

PPC campaigns aren’t a one-time affair. To make sure you get maximum results from your campaign and generate a profit, you need to regularly monitor and adapt your ads. Check the analytics to determine which keywords are working, and which ads are encouraging traffic.

In addition, you also need to check if your landing page is working against you. A lot of time visitors click on the ad only to leave the landing page if it is slow, overcrowded or irrelevant. Make sure all aspects are aligned and seamless for a customer to convert.

These tips can help you build a better PPC campaign that leads to improved brand awareness and conversions. However, there are several factors that go into the success of a campaign. To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, be sure to tie up with a prominent PPC agency in Mumbai.