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The most common SEO mistakes in websites

SEO mistakes that harm your website and their solutions 95% of websites have technical SEO errors.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an organic method of increasing website traffic and boosting your rank. For every online business looking to succeed, adopting good SEO practices is crucial.

However, a lot of websites also fall prey to several common SEO mistakes that can harm their traffic and their website ranking. This is why partnering with a reputed SEO agency in Mumbai can be beneficial.

Eliminating these is as critical as ensuring optimal online strategies. Here we take a look at some of the common mistakes websites make and simple solutions that can help you.

Leaving broken links unattended

Broken links are when visitors click on a link but receive an error. This creates a terrible reputation for the brand. It may cost them a sale and compromise search engine ranking. Most visitors are likely to instantly move on to a competitor’s website if this happens. For businesses that are new, broken links can impact customer trust in the company.

To fix this problem, identify which pages are showing an error. Based on the nature of the page, you can decide whether to update the content or redirect customers to the page they were looking for. In case you have discontinued the products on the page, put up a message with a redirect link to your main website.

Inadequate location-based presence

A lot of businesses are global these days thanks to the internet. Even though geographical boundaries fade online, it is important for brands to use geo-targeted keywords and create a local presence in every viable location.

As per Google, location-based searches have been on the rise. Most customers turn to the internet to identify physical stores near them that may have the product or service they are searching for. Be sure to create location-specific content and create technically sound location-specific pages to boost ranking, traffic, and sales. A company offering search engine optimization services in India can help you create optimized pages.

A slow-loading website

With visitors waiting only a couple of seconds on a page, having a slow website can be disastrous. Not only will it increase the bounce rate but also harm search engine rankings. Be sure to check that all landing pages are loading fast. Possible solutions for a slow page-loading speed could be substituting heavy images for smaller ones, updating website pages, and minimizing or reviewing any page redirects.

Negative social testimonials

Most people will first check the reviews of a particular brand before buying anything from them. Bad reviews on either Google or social media sites can be terrible for the website and business reputation. This does not mean your business can never have a bad review. Chances are this will happen. What is important is how you address them.

Leaving bad reviews or comments unaddressed tells audiences that a brand does not care about customer reactions. Instead, address each comment or review where possible with compassion and clarity. Where there is a solution to the problem, be sure to include that in your response.

Having a non-responsive website

In this technology-dependent age, the need for a mobile-optimized website is no longer an option. Yet, a lot of websites do not function optimally on mobiles. Considering that people the world over rely on their mobile phones for most searches and even purchases, a website that is not secure or optimized for mobiles is sure to slip in search engine rankings.

Connect with an SEO service company in Mumbai to ensure all your pages are mobile-optimized and have an optimum site speed and design.

Duplicate Content

When it comes to online visibility and ranking, content is a huge factor. However, a website that relies largely on duplicate content that is either repeated from other web sources or within the website is sure to backfire. Instead, focus on creating unique and diverse content, even if it is less frequent. You can even use online tools that are available to check plagiarised or similar content. Additionally, you can reach out to a content marketing agency to help you create fresh content.

When it comes to an online presence, digital marketing tools such as SEO are important to stay noticed by the right audience for improved sales. However, even the best SEO strategy is unlikely to show significant results if these mistakes are left unattended. To ensure your website is functioning optimally and ranking well, be sure to check for these. If you need, you can even partner with a professional agency offering SEO services in Mumbai.