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The right way of using hashtags

the right way of using hashtagsOnce anyone posts pictures on social media platforms like Instagram, it’s quite necessary to use hashtags. While the practice of using hashtags has evolved after a long time span, these started signifying the intuitive expression of identity and belongingness. So, if you need to get the most out of the marketing strategy, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Almost 70% of the users use hashtags, but none of them use them in the right way.


Whenever you plan to use hashtags, you always show that you have a keen interest in the discussion or the trend that enables you to relate with other individuals. It should never be forgotten that the right kind of hashtags always helps to boost the engagement on social media sites.


If the hashtag is less than 5 characters, then it might be good enough to intrigue the users. On the other hand, if the hashtags are more than 15 characters then it might not be suitable for users to adapt to. After all, the hashtag trend tends to be forgotten in less than a day.


Once you need to include hashtags along with the social media post, then you shouldn’t post more than it’s actually required. Typically, hashtags up to 3 won’t affect anything.


Most social media platforms tend to highlight the hashtags so that it’s visible at the first glance. So, if you want your content to look distinct, then you should always remember this tip. Even though the content garners the attention, social media platforms don’t offer formatting options as you had ever thought about.

Short and simple

A hashtag with limited characters can always help to convey the message in the right way. So, before you move any step further, you should keep it simple and short.

On a concluding note, hashtags depend on what you are trying to convey. For instance, when you are about to post a picture during the festive season, then you must use the relevant hashtags. As you update the networking site, the day of the week would also give you an idea of which hashtags are to be used. But, you shouldn’t find a reason to include hashtags. These not only add value to the tweet but also increase engagement effectively. Way beyond, you would be in a better position to move on with the marketing campaign or enhance the brand image.

We would always love to hear from you if you have some tips for a peppy social media campaign.