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Unleash Business Growth with Long Tail Keywords

You may have heard the term SEO being thrown around in the context of boosting your business. Heck, you may even know what it is and be using it already. 

But you may not be familiar with Long Tail Keywords, and that’s why we’re here– to help you level up your SEO game even more!

A long-tail keyword is essentially a phrase that’s made up of three to five words and is a ~specific~ search query intended by a user for their ~specific~ requirement. 

Example –

  • Black clip-on nails with gothic print in matte
  • Magic Mike posters in vector illustration art
  • How to find the best ethnic dress online
  • Fruits that keep you in shape in summer

As you can see that these keywords are specific rather than generic, they allow you to target niche demographics. 

When these are implemented smartly, long-tail keywords help boost your SERP ranking, drawing in more (specific) website traffic, and thus, prompting more conversions. 

How does this happen?

When you use long-tail keywords, you’ll be attracting the exact audience you’re looking for. And though you may pull in less traffic– going purely by numbers– the ROI will be proportionally much higher. Because matching the audience’s user intent, and having their long-tail keyword search terms in your post, gets them way closer to point-of-purchase than your less-savvy competitors. ROI? We think so!

Now the question arises, when exactly do you use long-tail keywords? 

On a new website

When your brand or website is just starting out, you will have more competition to face in the SERPs as you’d be starting from scratch and breaking virgin ground. The other brands in the same industry would be ranking way higher on the existing SEOs, as would have already established themselves.

It becomes trickier still if the keywords your brand wants to rank for have high search volume, and higher CPC (which represents conversion potential), and are already dominated by websites with lots of site authority, as those keywords are considered higher competition. 

This is why to be successful in SEO as a beginner, your brand should target and utilize keywords that have low competition and are something that you actually have the capability to rank for. 

Your potential customers will be more likely to find you using lengthier phrases that exactly describe what you’re selling rather than the basic keyword that your competition is targeting.

The mantra here is to get as specific as possible. In fact, it is known that a majority of Google Searches (about 70%) are long-tail queries. People tend to search for their specific needs using at least three words.

So, if you can rank for these specific searches, you would be able to draw in more customers.

In your content marketing strategy

There’s a good reason why content is called the king, anything that sells well online (or anywhere), is worded well i.e. has good content. 

Therefore, if having a solid marketing plan that includes blog posts with other link-building and on-site content has been your vision, then using long-tail keywords is a resource that you could consider tapping into for greater results. 

How? Once you identify the long-tail keywords you need to use, these would guide the content on your website and blogs. This is the work of experts though, which is why availing the services of the best SEO service provider in the country like Matrix Bricks would help you immensely. 

We begin by brainstorming the right long-tail keywords for your business using various metrics. And follow it up by employing the best personalization websites for your brand as well as getting your site tailored for your specific visitors and filled with high-quality content, which keeps your bounce and exit rates down. 

It is crucial to emphasize again that long-tail keywords can prove very fruitful– when supplemented with valuable and original content. Because Google and the other search engines aren’t, in their hearts, just about numbers. They are about the experience: giving people the information they need in a way they enjoy. 

So longtail keywords won’t get you where you want to go unless user intent is understood and they are provided with the experience they’re looking for. This means your business goal can’t just be to rank but to provide the user with the highest quality content that matches user intent.

At Matrix Bricks, we help you strike the right balance by making sure you have top-notch, up-to-date content. This is followed by getting specific about certain concepts and key phrases so your page gets ranked higher in the SERPs.

To sum it up, long-tail and low-competition queries are the perfect SEO solution for newer websites or pages trying to convert new customers into profitable sales.