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Video Marketing In 2020

video marketing in 2020

In case you desire to perfectly shape your digital marketing and deliver the best results, then you should essentially need to aware of the top video marketing trends for 2020. It is believed by about 83% of the marketers that video is becoming very important.

This is the main reason, why, most of the brands are making use of video as an integral part of digital marketing strategies.

It is also estimated that over the next few years, people will spend more daily minutes watching the videos. This specific results in more advertisers who invest in online video ads for the purpose of driving engagement.

Personalized Videos

In recent days, personalization is in great demand. So, marketers should always take it very seriously. It is seen that about 72% of the consumers will only engage with personalized marketing messages.

Not only that, about 60% of the marketers consider personalization to be a very important strategy as it helps in the improvement of the quality of the leads.

Personalization across marketing again helps you to build a good relationship with your audiences. This is done by providing them with the best experiences which are tailored in accordance with their needs.

As a result, consumers get a reason for purchasing and also addressing their specific requirements.

A Data First Approach

As far as marketing is concerned, the one-size-fits-all kind of approach fails to deliver the best results. In this regard, a data-first approach helps to ensure that you are targeting only the right audience with the help of the right messaging and that too at the right time.

This will contribute to increasing both your conversion and engagement. In 2020, this particular approach is going to be applied more and more.

Long-Form Videos

Nowadays, the span of human attention is becoming very shorter. This is the main reason, why, many of the marketers focuses on short-form videos. But, this form fails to bring greater engagement.

Although these are much easy to consume, they fail to allow brands to form an emotional connection. On the other hand, the long-form videos will specifically enable you to tell a story that can make you memorable. It will also educate your audience regarding your brand values or your products.

360 Degree Videos

Both the VR headsets and smart devices are making 36p0 degree videos much more accessible. This is the main reason, why people are more likely to watch a 360-degree video rather than the same video in the traditional form.

Also, this sort of video helps to drive about 7% higher purchase intent. This is very helpful for the brand so stand out from the crowd.

Final Words

So, it is evident that the videos are considered to be the best way to quickly and much easily digest the contents by the consumers. They are very effective from both B2B and B2C perspectives.

It helps to answer specific questions, give certain information and thereby create effective relationships. Therefore, these are must-have for your digital marketing strategy.