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Video View Minute Optimization

video view minute optimization

We all know that billions of video views take place on YouTube on an everyday basis. So, it is very important for you to analyze whether your brand is capturing any of this traffic. This is the main reason, why you should know how to optimize your videos for maximum exposure.

Videos And Online Marketing Mix

Nowadays, videos have emerged as an important part of the online marketing mix. We all are aware of the power of YouTube videos but still, we did not focus on proper optimization of the videos. This involves taking off some extra steps which help to make your videos easier to be noticed.

Important Factors Which Impact The Rankings Of YouTube Videos

Just like Google, YouTube possesses its own internal algorithm which dictates the order in which specific videos appear in the search results. Here are given some of the key factors which are mainly used by the algorithm at the time of adjustment of these rankings.

  • Watch Time: This may be well identified as the engagement metric. YouTube focuses on watching how long your visitors specifically stay for watching your content.
  • Video Length
  • Customer Reactions Which Includes Likes, Comments And Dislikes
  • Your Number Of Subscribers
  • Keyword Relevance

So, for optimizing your videos, you essentially need to focus on these important aspects. In this regard, the below-given techniques will surely help you.

  1. Provide The Right Types Of Content

For the purpose of improving the Watch Time, you should focus to provide the right types of content for the targeted audiences. Also, it is very important for you to consider that most of the users are not at all interested to learn about your brand. So, they want to see those videos which are appropriate to their search query.

Rather, you should focus on educational and also emotional content. Specifically, the visitors on YouTube find out videos in accordance with their needs and this is the main reason, your content should specifically address their needs.

The video should focus on providing value to your targeted audience. You need to keep the length of the YouTube videos for around 3 minutes because longer videos do not attract much traffic.

  1. You Should Make Both Google And YouTube Understand Your Video

Both, Google as well as YouTube do not possess the ability to completely understand and also watch your YouTube videos. So, it depends on you to provide relevant information to them for making a well-versed decision regarding where to rank the specific video.

Here are given some of the important steps which you need to essentially follow:

  • Use Tags Wisely
  • Create An Optimized Title
  • Create A Full Description
  • Consider Using CC Or Closed Captions

Final Words

So, video optimization can be effective to make your brand powerful. This specifically helps to reach millions of people who consider using YouTube for finding the answer to their questions and also finding fun videos.