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What All Marketers Should Know About Twitter In 2019?

what all marketers should know about twitter in 2019


There are generally a lot of things which the marketers need to be well aware of Twitter in the year 2019. Here is given a discussion about these things.

Best twitter statistics which are needed to be known

In our cultural consciousness, Twitter is involved in consistently punching above its weight whether it is the latest meme or the latest news. Along with that, it is also considered to be an important space for the brands in order to make an impression on potential customers.

General twitter stats

It should be known that about 500 million tweets are sent each day which means that are about 5,787 tweets every second. This official number is very impressive. Firstly, it was pronounced in the year 2014 and also, it has not changed in the years since.

Twitter only became profitable in the year 2017

Twitter mainly posted its first profit in the year 2017. It was near about 91million dollars. It was evident according to several analyses that, it was totally based more on the cost-cutting i.e. in R&D, marketing and sales rather than the growth of the business.

After that, Twitter has been consistently for the last four quarters. It also posted its largest profit in the year 2018. Also, for the year 2018, Twitter was #21 on the Forbes’ Top 100 Digital Companies.

Twitter user stats

It is true that about 326 million people are involved in using Twitter every month. This was about nine million fewer in the mid-2018, and also about four million fewer than late 2017. Management sometimes blamers new data privacy laws of Europe, bot purges and also some other issues for this gradual decline.

Along with that, about 9% more people are involved in using Twitter on a daily basis. The monthly users tend to decrease but since the year 2016, the number of daily users has been increased in a consistent way.

It is stated by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter that, Twitter is generally focusing on making this platform valuable and also healthier each and every day. So, the main goal of Twitter is to be more attractive to good users while continuously booting the bad ones. For the advertisers, they may also translate to the higher quality audiences.

80% of the users of twitter are not american

It is evident that the 259 million of those 326 are considered to be international users. Along with that, Twitter also generally supports these particular users with 35 offices around the world. Also, these particular platforms operate in 33 languages.

Additionally, Twitter also actively supports uptake in the developing world with the help of Twitter Lite. This is known as the data friendly alternative of the app. This Twitter Lite is mainly available in more than 45 countries. Also, for Twitter, this dedication to the growing new markets has generally translated to increased international revenue growth.