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Why do celebrities need Social Media?

why do celebrities need social media

Additionally, social media of3.96 billion people use social media worldwide in 2021, up almost double from 2.07 billion in 2015.

Social media is where everything is these days. From being a major medium of advertising for business brands to socializing for individuals – the versatility of these platforms has made them immensely popular. Offers a lot of benefits for celebrities too. What was once a fun platform for celebs to share their personal anecdotes, has now become a highly important medium for their professional career as well. Presenting yourself correctly is important to connect better with audiences and a good social media marketing agency in India is the right partner for that.

Benefits of social media marketing for Celebs

Global reach

Initially, new projects for celebs were often geographically determined. Their limited range of access made it easier to work only on nearby projects. However, with social media becoming increasingly prevalent, celebrities can reach out to and easily coordinate on international projects that may suit their talent better. Social media marketing services in India can work wonders in helping celebrities reach their preferred projects across the globe to enhance their professional career.

Showcase talent

Even veteran actors often need to audition for a particular project. However, they are mostly approached because their talent is well-known. For emerging celebs, this can be a difficult task. Social media allows celebrities to showcase their skill-set and multiple talents easily online. Be it great comic-timing for actors or different genres for dancers, social media works wonderfully as a talent audition medium. A lot of recruiters are also known to scout social media sites for new talent as it offers them a general idea of the person’s abilities.

Build and engage the audience base

Just as brands need to engage with customers, celebrities need to actively engage with their audience. Social media agencies in Mumbai can help create an engaging profile that brings in more people. Regular interaction with fans or the audience is also preferred by recruiters as it boosts the chances of participation of the audience in the project. While in business, an engaged customer base may lead to an increase in product sales, for celebs it could be an increase in viewership or ticket sales.

Be authentic

When onscreen, celebrities are always playing a role. Their behaviour and style are largely determined by the project’s guidelines. Social media allows celebrities to be authentic and connect with audiences in a realistic manner. These platforms help them share their thoughts as well as raise awareness about a charity or a cause they are passionate about.

Stay relevant

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a notion that rings true when it comes to celebs. With so many people on social media these days, audience memory is often short-term. Celebs that have been out of the limelight for a few months may be replaced with someone new. Maintaining a good social media profile can help keep celebs engaged with audiences even when they are in-between projects. Partnering with experienced social media marketing agencies in Mumbai can help celebs stay trendy online and thus grow their audience base.

In India alone, the number of social media users was 376.1 million in 2020 and is expected to cross 448 million by 2023. 

Avoid miscommunications

In the days of print media, communication was often one-sided. The media would print a story or feature a celeb and that was all the audience knew about them. If anything was misrepresented, celebrities had no way of clearing things up with their fans or audiences. With social media. Any miscommunication can be instantly dealt with before it can change public perception. From clarifying any inaccurate reports to apologising for a hurtful act, celebrities can directly communicate with their fans without having to rely on the media to represent them accurately.

Thus, social media isn’t just important for businesses but for every celebrity looking to attain or stay in the limelight. An important point to remember here is that for social media to work in your favour, it is important to use it well and maintain it regularly. Creating a sub-standard profile and not engaging with fans can actually work against you. To ensure you get the best out of social media and connect with your audience, be sure to partner with a good social media marketing company in India.