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Why experimental marketing is required in the new age marketing mix

why experimental marketing is required in the new age marketing mixAccording to a renowned writer, experience actually matters most in the digital marketing landscape. While many companies are trying to pull off the experience, there are chances that they would fail miserably. Times have now changed from when individuals were excited to buy products through advertisements on the radio or the television. Today, people go through social media posts, use ad blockers and often ignore billboards on driveways. The best thing is that consumers are aware of numerous brands and love an experience beyond their expectations. So, there are many reasons why companies opt for experimental marketing.

  • Experimental marketing allows consumers to experience the products with their senses. For instance, people are in a better position to sift out the best food items or beverages before making a purchase. Moreover, service providers give the consumers an opportunity to sample products once they get the feel of what they would avail. This creates a long lasting impact, drives the buying decisions, and thereby brings in brand loyalty.
  • As compared to conventional advertising methods, experimental marketing aids brands to convey their core values and mission. As business owners succeed in telling the brand’s story through social media and videos, they are contented to grab the attention for a long time. Once the desired message is shared, there always a likelihood of being authentic which would otherwise be tough with any other form of advertising.
  • Social media becomes even more powerful with experimental marketing. Not only does it help to share the message effectively but also entices individuals to a memorable experience. This enables them to capture moments and share them with their friends. Ultimately, the brand is distinguished in the competitive market.
  • Since experimental marketing gives a chance to interact with customers at an event, trade show, it’s pretty easy to keep a track on the analytics. It could either be the number of attendees, product sales leads, likes on social media platforms or any other social media interactions. Once the information is gathered, entrepreneurs can actually get an idea about how they should move on with events in future. Moreover, the marketing team becomes smart to improve on the marketing campaigns.

As far as creating brand experiences are concerned, organizations should educate customers about the range of products or services.  This would help in connecting with people in a positive way rather than expecting a lot from signups. When a conversation is made without pushing the sales, consumers feel that their interests are taken into consideration. As per a study, experimental marketing results into almost 70 percent participation along with a positive perception soon after an event.