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Why Should You Stop Relying on Keyword Research Tools Immediately?

Today you can see that there are many online marketing experts rely on keyword research. Do you know why? I am not going to discuss all those possible reasons here in this article, but I do wish to give a word of concern as to why keyword research just cannot be reliable.

Actually, if you depend on that keyword research data too much, you will find yourself getting off target. And whilst campaign of your Digital Marketing may appear flourishing, it cannot be translating into business development.

Tools for Keyword Research are flawed

The greatest problem with keyword research tools is that the information is not completely correct. There is no other system to say it. Now, they can differ in levels of accuracy, but that is just one more way to say they differ in levels of inaccuracy! It is actually not how correct they are, but about how incorrect they are.

Beyond the erroneousness of the data itself, tools of keyword research even have no exceptional way to inform you how important any specific keywords are to your marketing campaign. Let us find these below…

Inaccurate Keyword Data

Have you ever wondered why you can search for similar keyword in three different research tools and you will get three different volumes of search? And not only that, but they can be different by hundreds of percent!

Even, keyword tool of Google that has direct control to its own search record, has not been wildly correct. And along with the latest changes, that information is even more twisted.

All the available keyword tools give inaccurate numbers of search volume. They are actually a “great guess” as per on the information that the tool has access to.

But these are the keyword research tools we have, thus what do we need to do? Greatest case is to utilize the information as an assessment metric and nothing more. And the extra information you have between those tools, the good you will be able to sift throughout lists of your keyword and discern which particular phrases would be more important than others.

Tools Do not Capture Lower-Volume Perfectly

Even as all data of keyword search is inaccurate, it is augmented once it comes to lower-volume keywords. It turns into an even bigger trouble as more searchers are shifting away from searching with short-tail keyword or phrases. On the other hand, voice search exasperates this even more with sentences of natural language turning into the standard in search.

Keywords Do not Always point out Intent

I discussed much more regarding keyword intent. And that is really one of the utilization of keyword research. But to find intention, you must do some extra digging–the tools themselves do not give it, and some keywords are silent regarding searcher intention as well.

Knowing the intention of the searcher is crucial as that shows you what type of information you want to provide to satisfy the needs of searcher on Search Engine.