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Different Content Strategies You Should Consider For Desktop & Mobile SEO

google-mobile-searchAccording to a contributor, an individual can’t make a website responsive for adapting to any kind of smartphone. So, if you want to adjust with the increasing use of mobile phones, then you should understand how people search for things with the help of these devices.

Earlier in 2015, Google had confirmed that many people thought that a search is carried on mobile phones rather than using desktops. Tablets and smartphones have completely transformed everything with respect to the buyer’s experience. In order to meet their requirements, they are going through reviews under organic search results. Many a times, things are manageable from a mobile phone.

Research done by a company reveals that 57 percent of traffic comes from smartphones. A business owner should be well prepared when Google’s mobile-first algorithm is going to be released.

Google interprets the user’s intention which affects the SERP and the type of content that appears. Depending on the intent, Google changes the number and the position of videos and images. So, here are some content marketing strategies you should prepare to stay ahead in future.

Content marketing strategies

Perform a keyword research thoroughly

When it comes to keywords, you should filter mobile keywords from the ones used with a desktop. This would help you understand the requirements and thereby help you post right content. Identify keywords carefully and then research on which user generally use. By analyzing mobile SERP, perceive the moment which Google loves for that particular search. Later, it’s very much easier to develop content that suitable for users and is mobile-friendly.

Think about AMP implementation

Google gives importance to speed across different types of communication devices. Recently, beta updates along with AMP flow-fixing tools were released to show utmost dedication for increasing page speeds. So, if you want the search engine to find particular pages, then you should pay attention to the benefits of AMP.

Review site content

Reading site content on devices should never be an issue. For instance, if you have posted an infographic on the site then it should be designed accordingly. For viewing details, users should be able to enlarge the image effortlessly. As far as mobile compatibility is concerned, you can accomplish with the help of a mobile-friendly testing tool. On the whole, you should shift your mindset away from desktop friendly sites which may load on mobile phones.

 Understand desktop & mobile traffic

Level up your tracking capabilities by knowing more about desktop as well as mobile traffic. Request the SEO expert to measure landing page visits, engagement rates, revenue rates, and traffic rates separately for different devices. Plan for the changes after you comprehend the interaction of mobile customers.

To conclude, it’s evident that users prefer using mobile devices quite frequently. This means that brands should use marketing strategies that would keep them forward. Rather than making few adjustments for mobile compatibility, focus on what users love and be intelligent to curate content. You can never enhance mobile experience by opting for a responsive website design and calling it as ‘mobile-friendly’.