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Incredible changes in graphic and web design trends

incredible changes in graphic and web design trendsIf you are thinking about gaining a competitive edge through a stunning website, then you should consider some web designing trends in 2018. So, as you plan ahead with an online marketing strategy, you should go through the design trends that have been listed below.

Mobile friendly

According to a survey conducted in 2017, 44% of web traffic was generated through mobile phones. Well, this makes it evident that every business owner should have a responsive website. However, Google would be rolling out its new mobile-first index. This implies that the SEO rank would be higher if the website is mobile-friendly.

Dynamic logos and imagery

Eye-pleasing logos and graphics would soon be a new trend in the digital marketing landscape. The images would appear on the landing page in form of a slideshow as they are created with an innovative and productive tool. Moreover, the information would be displayed as someone hovers the mouse over the image. Seek assistance from a graphics designer in Mumbai in case your team members don’t have the skill of creating images.

Font and bright color shades

A graphics designer would opt for standard type of fonts if he is creating a website. As the professional spends more time on the design, bright color shades would help to maintain the quality. With this upcoming trend, the website design would look even more attractive and would be beyond anybody’s expectations. As unique content is published online, the visitors would clearly understand what the business deals in.

Advanced scroll triggered animations

As business owners try to enhance the experience, advanced scroll triggered animations would become much more popular. This would definitely help users to navigate the website and understand everything quickly. A transition to UX-scroll triggered animation would also prevail for attracting customers and users. Contact a graphics designer company in Mumbai if you want to promote your services or products through a website.

Security features

Since the time when the internet came into existence, websites are getting hacked time and again. Despite various security measures, hackers are able to access the website and tarnish the reputation. So, it is important to secure the website even when you are monetizing from the online presence.

To sum everything up, you should pay attention to the website layout whenever you are coordinating with a graphics designer. But, as you come up with creative ideas, you should take care of the color combination and the ways in which you can improve readability.