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Tips you can follow for a perfect landing page

tips you can follow for a perfect landing pageAn effective landing page is always a key to successful online marketing. While your offerings might be unbelievable and PPC ads might be completely optimized, a well-designed landing page can help your business soar high. So, here are some tips you need to consider before you contact web development companies.

Clean & Organized Design

The overall structure of the web page certainly determines how well it has driven a prospective customer to purchase services. Whether it’s an online form or signing up for a newsletter, the primary goal of the landing page must be achieved. The page should make it easier for conversion once the elements are properly designed.

While the landing page is designed by a professional, make sure that they have used color shades and eye-catching images in a smart way. Buttons set in certain colors like red and blue are known to enhance the conversion rate. But, ensure that the color contrast is maintained with the background.

Include necessary information

As the website features a good landing page, ensure that you have posted necessary information. Never over exaggerate or else you are bound to discourage the visitor from availing your services. While you post content that’s easier to understand, try to explain details by using bullet points. Posting short duration videos is yet another way to overwhelm visitors. As you highlight the key points, always remember to offer an option of clicking a video to get a better idea of everything.

Use the header for offers

A landing page should always speak more about offers and the reasons why the offer is valuable. Most of the times, the headline confirms the offer while the sub-headings share the offer value. However, you may also observe websites which have a headline with the value proposition and sub-headings to elaborate more about the software. So, if you wish to convince the visitor within 8 seconds, then it’s also important to be clear and concise.

Use Trust Signals

Good landing pages always use trust signals. This aspect indicates that visitors can rely on the offer as well as the brand. Posting testimonials of clients is a great way to build confidence in the visitor’s mind. You can also insist developers to include logos of reputed companies your team has already worked for. Besides, you can showcase accomplishments through recognitions the firm has earned in the past years. Unofficial buttons also help others to trust the brand in some way or the other.

Go for a responsive design

According to a report, 30% of online activities are carried out from smartphones. So, if you haven’t opted for a mobile-friendly design, then you won’t be able to win the competitive race. Once you know that the landing web page adapts to different touchscreens, then you need to check the loading time and whether the site is easier to navigate. Skim through guides so that you can never go wrong in creating a responsive design.

Finally, always include less number of fields on the online form. But, if it’s necessary to fetch more information, then you can always ask for details once the visitor gets redirected to the ‘Thank You’ page.

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