While Google is a smaller player in the cloud services market, compared to its counterparts AWS and Azure, it is rapidly catching up and is perceived to have several important advantages to now become a preferred choice for Cloud services.

One of them is its Cloud Migration Services, which come with several advanced features like Cloud Data Transfer, Transfer Appliance, BigQuery Data Transfer Service, Application migrates, Storage Transfer Service, and more.

GCP also stands out in the sense that while it supports virtual machines like its competitor, it has a special focus on modern, containerized workloads and the ability to efficiently run machine learning models.

But we understand that cloud migration can be a difficult undertaking, so it is very important to understand the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of each cloud environment before your organization decides to make the move.

As a certified Google Partner, Matrix Bricks helps deliver customized migration pathways for your enterprise to scale on the purpose-built infrastructure offered by GCP. We assess applications and workloads suitability to the Google Cloud and take into consideration factors like compliance, movability level of apps, number of users, licensing issues, etc, before moving them to the Cloud.

GCP Cloud Migration

Once the move has been successfully achieved; with appropriate methodologies; we optimize the data and applications by employing different actions such as planning for disaster recovery using Google Cloud Backup, setting up elasticity with autoscaling groups, moving assets to cold storage, and more.

Contact us now to have a word with our GCP experts and avail yourself of the services of our end-to-end GCP Cloud Migration Framework.

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