Sales-qualified lead is one of the last stages of the sales pipeline, which is why it has high power along with a high probability of converting a subscriber into a customer.

While MQL and SQL are both aware of the product/service, MQL hasn’t necessarily expressed interest in your company’s offering, and it certainly hasn’t indicated that it wants to make a purchase.

Meanwhile becoming an SQL means that the targetted person is ready to buy. They’ve shown their willingness to make a purchase which can be understood by them requesting a consultation or viewing the product pricing pages.With an internal team dedicated to cohesive B2B marketing, Matrix Brick’s is trusted in the market to take care of organizations’ lead conversion.

The smooth functioning and communication between our Marketing and Sales teams ensure that the targetted MQL goes through acute qualification testing factors to be deemed fit as an SQL. This includes the direct approach of lead questioning, using CRM to track your customer correspondence, and scoring leads to identify and rank them as the most to least prospective ones.

Only once this is ascertained, do the next and final phases of lead conversion begin. Contact now to know more.

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