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Market Research

As a team, we have experience designing, conducting, managing, analyzing, and reporting quantitative and qualitative research conducted with consumers or business audiences in different industry niche. Over the years, we have worked on a large variety of projects ranging from designing and conducting primary research to doing secondary market research online. We are very good at creating meaningful charts that provide real insights and writing high-quality reports.

We also have extensive experience in designing surveys, collecting data, and running descriptive and inferential statistics on large data sets. Our team make use of Microsoft Excel and SPSS to analyze quantitative data.

We also have experience designing and conducting qualitative research projects (e.g., interviews, focus groups) and analyzing the resulting data. I am accurate and thorough, highly competent and trustworthy.

Market Research

Our experts are proficient with the use of NVivo, Microsoft Excel and SPSS. Our main objective is to provide clarity of data in market research and analysis, helping clients to make the most of their opportunities and building market strategies that always wins.
With our large proprietary multicultural and general population databases available, we are well-positioned to recruit for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We also have access to facilities and hotels across North America for recruiting.

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Our databases and recruiting efforts are unmatched by other suppliers, providing our clients with excellent reach to groups such as

  • Urban or rural consumers
  • Business professionals
  • Patients or healthcare professionals
  • Multicultural individuals at various levels of acculturation
  • And more!

Why trust our services?

On the strength of our large call center, we can launch quantitative jobs quickly.

We have full capabilities in all major Canadian cities, and have experience conducting research in the US and internationally using native speakers.

We are the only research company in Canada, and one of few worldwide, that can conduct market research in most languages of the world.

We will tailor our research methodology and approach to you.

With our recruiting expertise and in-house databases, we can help you conduct market research on difficult-to-reach niche audiences.

No matter the research project at hand, Matrix Bricks will deliver. Our team of highly qualified specialists has extensive experience conducting regional, national, and international studies for both public and private sector clients.

Rely on us for guidance and support at every stage of the development process from design choices, prototype refinement, and package optimization to target audience definition and launch price positioning.

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I would like to thank Matrix Bricks and Mr. Mehul for creating a wonderful and user friendly website. It has been appreciated by lots of acquaintances. Matrix bricks team is very patient and understanding, always ready to support in best  possible ways. The staff is super-efficient & amazing. For them Customer satisfaction is most important. They will go out of their way to meet requirements of the customers and make them happy. We have only warm words of appreciation for them. I look forward to a long term relation with Matrix Bricks.

Vrushabh Shah
Assistant Manager, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)

I would like to thank Mr. Mehul for creating a wonderful website. I have been appreciated by lots of acquaintances both personal and professional for the website. It has come out exactly the way or rather I would say even better than what I envisaged. His team is very patient and understanding, always ready to support you in best possible ways. Another very good point about Mr. Mehul’s approach is that he always tries to figure out the best ways to match customer’s budget and still give a quality solution. I look forward to a long term relation with Matrix Bricks.

Shrey Kejriwal

We at P3 Sports, have been with Matrix Bricks for a short time but our experience has been very pleasant & fulfilling. The staff is super efficient & amazing. You name it they do it. We have only warm words & appreciation for them. We would like to give special mention to Urvi, who worked with us on our project. Nothing is impossible for her. Super service with sweet smile. Rafique who liaised for us proved sp invaluable for his hard work in giving our project the discipline of time. Thank you all at Matrix Bricks… Keep it up & see u at the top

Sushmita & Moonmoon Partners

Our approach is to focus on finest quality refined metal while providing variety of products and services. In order to reach every corner of the country and the globe, we need to enter the Web. With good designing and better layout, we would be able to reach at every area we require. Thanks to Matrix Bricks Infotech for giving us such good and user-friendly website..

Sayad / Khan

Mehul did such a fantastic job on creating my personal website. It was a pleasure to work with him and his pro active approach on the clients needs. He was always one step ahead.

Revathi Roy




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