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Ecommerce – Drive traffic with these simple tips

ecommerce drive traffic with these simple tips

These days every business is shifting online. The ease of running a website or online store as compared to the hassles of a physical location has led to massive adoption of the internet for most business hubs. The COVID-19 pandemic further catalyzed this movement leading to an increased emergence of online stores.

However, simply having an e-commerce store is no longer enough. With several big players already having established a monopoly online, smaller brands can have difficulty in generating traffic and converting leads. An e-commerce development company can help you build a well-structured website while also generating better traffic.

Here, we bring you proven tips to boost traffic to your e-commerce site.

Be keyword-optimized

Keywords are not just a critical factor for your website but for your online store as well. When it comes to generating traffic, keywords play a primary role. It is important for brands to identify the right keywords for their brand and use them correctly.

A great way to do so is to identify the keywords that are working for the website and other marketing campaigns and leverage those for the e-commerce store as well. This way brands can boost the search engine ranking of their store, promoting reach.

Another important thing is to constantly update keywords. Studying customer behavior and looking at what the established online stores are doing can offer valuable insights.

Optimize your e-commerce store for mobile

This golden rule which has become the accepted norm for websites is equally crucial for an e-commerce store. Most brands optimize their online store for the desktop and work on search engine ranking, but neglect the mobile user base. Mobile responsiveness is also an important criterion for ranking on Google.

These days, the majority of people use their mobiles to discover new products, browse social media, and make purchases. An online store that is not optimized for mobile users is sure to lose out to a host of prospective customers. These days, a non-responsive website is likely to impact the brand’s credibility impacting the overall customer perception.

To ensure your e-commerce store is optimized to capitalize on every opportunity, be sure to partner with the best e-commerce web design company in India.

Promote offers and giveaways

Nothing attracts the audience’s attention faster than a great offer or giveaway promotion. If your find traffic lagging on your e-commerce store, run a promotion to attract more customers. Along with garnering business attention, promotions also help engage customers in numerous ways.

For instance, brands can offer different promotions for multiple aspects such as signing up for a newsletter, promoting a post or product on social media, referring others, etc. Not only does this boost traffic but actively encourages customer participation which can result in quality leads and conversions.

Leverage the power of video  

Video is far more effective in sharing information than long text posts. Brands can upload short videos of product demos, unboxing videos, or new product launches to gain customer attention. Another great way to drive traffic is to use influencers for these videos.

Encourage customers to record a small video of their feedback or product testimonials and upload them on your e-commerce site. You can also upload these videos on your social media platforms and website.

Promote customer-centric products and content

One way to boost efficiency in operations is to identify the most popular products and focus promotional campaigns around them. Additionally, local advertising can be highly beneficial if certain locations are generating more business.

Developing campaigns that target a certain region using local terms or references can help brands better segment their markets. Further, they can efficiently and economically target their major markets.

Engage customers through in-app and push notifications

Subtle prompts through notifications are a great way of keeping customers engaged with the brand. Sending them updates of similar products based on their purchase history. Additionally, you can share offer details when their most purchased products go on sale.

A lot of times people place items in their carts but do not checkout. Sending them a reminder can often lead to a purchase instead of ignoring it.

E-commerce stores are the new normal. However, with every business trying to create a significant online presence, competition is high. It is important for brands to be able to correctly target their audiences and ensure their store is visible to prospective customers. Leading e-commerce development services in India can help develop a high-quality store, generate quality leads, drive traffic, and aid conversions.