Happy Birthday Sushma !!!!!

birthdayhttps://matrixbricks.com//wp-content/uploads/2018/09/blog-background.jpgSushma, one of the pillars of Matrix Bricks Infotech is celebrating her birthday today. This is the first birthday she will be celebrating with her colleagues at Matrix Bricks.

When we talk about Sushma it doesn’t seem that it hasn’t been even a year since she has joined the company; this is because with her happy-go-lucky nature and great ability of adapt according to the company’s needs she has quickly become an integral part of the company.

Sushma works as a PHP developer at Matrix Bricks; to date, she has not given a single opportunity to the bosses to complain about her work.

This might be the first time she is celebrating her birthday at Matrix Bricks; but, we hope to be part of many such birthday celebrations in the years to come.

Have a blast and do everything you love doing; it’s your day Sushma; Happy Birthday!!


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