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06 Benefits of a WordPress Website

6 benefits of a WordPress website

34% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a website builder and content management system that has been gaining popularity since it emerged in 2003. While the system originally got recognition as blogging software, its ability to offer a variety of features soon made it the popular choice for all websites. From big multinationals to small corporations, a lot of companies are shifting to WordPress for their website. And what’s more, one can download and install this software for free.

Here, we look at some of the important benefits of using a WordPress website for your business.

1. Ease of use

One of the major features that have supported the widespread adaption of WordPress is its easy navigation system. Typically, creating a website for someone with no technical expertise can be challenging. With WordPress, even people who are not technically oriented can start creating their websites. The software is free to install and offers simple steps to get started. If you are creating your website with a Website Development Company, this platform offers an intuitive understanding of managing it in the longer term.

2. Multiple themes for customized solutions

A great website design is a crucial component of SEO. Further, it also encourages visitors to stay longer on your site aiding a purchase. With WordPress, users can get instant access to thousands of website designs instantly. Most of these are free allowing you to design your site at a low expense. For those looking to create a custom WordPress Website, there are several designs available for purchase as well. To know how a particular layout or theme will look, you can preview the theme live at any point or even change it easily for a fresher feel.

3. Adaptable and evolving

When it comes to technology, nothing is ever constant. Industry dynamics and customer behaviour are constantly changing, and brands need to keep up with these changes to stay relevant. WordPress offers regular updates to stay on board with the current technology. Also, if your business is what is changing and evolving, WordPress has a solution for that too. With its multiple features and plugins, this software allows brands to update their site easily. From adding an image gallery to a purchase procedure, everything can be easily added or modified by activating or deactivating the numerous plugins.

4. Excellent content management capabilities

With increasing competition, content has become a major tool for brands to engage with customers and showcase their expertise. WordPress was initially used primarily as a blogging platform and the website comes with a built-in blog feature. Brands don’t have to create a separate platform for their blogs but can easily add this important feature to their website. In addition, setting up email subscriptions, integrating the relevant steps to enable comments, updating recent blog posts, etc. are easily manageable on this platform.

5. Higher search engine ranking

WordPress sites have higher traffic with over 400 million visitors a month as compared to Twitter’s 152 million.

Almost every digital or SEO strategy is centred around getting a higher website ranking on search engines to enhance visibility. Indexing a WordPress site’s content is easy for search engines allowing them to search it easily. Further, brands can allow for better audience targeting through the use of keywords, meta tags, and descriptions, each optimized for SEO using a variety of plugins. To know more about how this platform can strengthen and enhance your SEO process, be sure to connect with a WordPress Website Development Company.

6. Shareable and responsive content

A great way to enhance visibility and extent of reach is through shareable content. The more your content is shared by audiences interested in your products or services, the better your brand’s reach and credibility. WordPress offers numerous widgets for seamless sharing on social media and other platforms to ensure all platforms are timely updated with the latest content. Additionally, the platform comes with numerous responsive theme designs that ensure it is accessible across devices.

For brands looking to build or modify their website, WordPress is a great platform with numerous options. With multiple themes and in-built features, businesses across industries can find a suitable design for their functionality. To know more about how to create a custom WordPress Website, be sure to connect with a Website Development Company today.