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SEO Strategies That Google Rewards

seo strategies that google rewards

It is inevitable to establish an SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy in today’s era of ever-expanding and complicated World Wide Web. Always, the right digital marketing and also SEO strategy preferably gives you the platform to reach your audience.

Google, the search engine giant is also growing with each passing day. It also keeps updating the Google ranking factors which are known to be beneficial for small businesses to focus on SEO strategies which are rewarded by Google for the purpose of improving conversions.

Here is given a brief discussion regarding the SEO strategies that Google rewards.

  1.  Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays, the number of people surfing the internet from mobile phones has usually surpassed the number of people who are using the internet from desktops. Worldwide, there are about 2.53 billion smartphone users and the number keeps on growing.

It is also predicted that the number will grow to 61.2 percent. Both the messaging applications and mobile applications have become the primary source to draw the attention of the customer and also bring into the digital marketing world. You are essentially losing on views in case you are overlooking this factor.

  1.  Republishing

Republishing is considered to be the most underutilized tactics of SEO. Along with that, it is the most rewarded technique by Google. You might be following a content calendar and curating the sensitive and in-depth content. Most of the people also tend to create posts with a target to write better when compared to the previous one.

This particular content would also have drawn traffic to your website and boosted your overall Google ranking. Implementation of this technique of inbound marketing is known to be an excellent way to expand the reach and also awareness.

In case, the republishing of the old content is done in a correct manner, it can easily give you a new audience. All the blog posts again cannot be reshared. So, the major key to list down all the old posts and strategically make the decision on the basis of metrics such as bounce rates, conversion rates, backlinks generated and so on.

  1.  Content

Almost each and every website will have some content on their website and also other marketing platforms. High-quality content has to be your top priority in case you are aiming a higher rank.

On the other hand, quality content refers to the content which is most relevant and also useful to your visitors. Publishing of quality content will also contribute to boost your ranking and also will increase brand awareness.

  1.  HTTPS Encryption

To bring relevant traffic is considered to be the major aim behind SEO optimization. It is mainly done by delivering a compelling experience. The users will always look for security whether you have an e-commerce website or a business website.

Apart from that, the users will preferably stay for long in case they feel secure in sharing their personal details. This shifting from HTTP to HTTPS website will ensure site safety. Apart from that, the details of the users will also be protected. When the website gas an HTTP page, internet browser Google Chrome shows a warning.

  1.  Backlinks

Backlinks are known to be very important for better Google ranking. So, the two most integral factors behind the rating of a website are considered to be quality content and backlinks. Google always checks each link that is coming to its source website. So, it is always important to have good quality backlinks.