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SEO Tips to Manage Outdated Web Content

seo tips to manage outdated web content

High-quality content is the number one focus when it comes to any SEO or digital marketing strategy. The top SEO companies in Mumbai will always stress the importance of relevant and updated content on the website to drive traffic, rank better, and boost brand credibility.

However, in the zeal to constantly add content, often websites become inundated with a plethora of outdated content. Along with adding fresh content, it is equally important to manage the overall content on the website. Any broken links, pages that no longer serve the business, or obsolete content need to be tackled efficiently to bring your website all the benefits it deserves.

Here, we bring you the best ways to deal with outdated content and keep your website SEO optimized.

Update old content

This is one of the best ways to handle old content, especially if it still brings in traffic. Old blogs which have important keywords or are still relevant to your business can be given a fresh lie with some new content added. Be careful not to change the flow drastically or change any of the sentences with the keywords.

Instead, add in any new information that is relevant or industry insights that could be meaningful to your audience. In the spirit of transparency, it is advisable to mention a note at the end stating that the article has been updated from the original.

Add in media

A lot of times, the content is good but is currently not in the format that attracts audiences. If you are facing a lot of bounce rates on individual articles or content which you feel offers value, don’t delete it. Instead, give it a makeover.

Convert the blog into an infographic, add some images, videos, or any other popular media. Subtle changes that freshen up the look and readability of the content can make all the difference. If you need help enhancing your content to meet your SEO goals, connect with the best SEO Company in Mumbai.

Redirect it to new content

A 301 redirect works well for content that is not of any use. Businesses can use a simple redirect to send customers to fresh and relevant content. This helps brands take advantage of their page links without deleting anything useful.

Using a redirect helps conveniently send customers to the new content without any loss on navigation. Often customers get frustrated if they can’t access content on a site and move to the competitor. Reach out to a prominent SEO firm in Mumbai to help accurately redirect content.

Focus on new backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to divert traffic to your website and boost ranking. The more external sites are referencing your work, the higher is your ranking and credibility. Before deleting any old content or page, check for backlinks.

An old content page may be bringing in a lot of traffic owing to the increase in backlinks. Simply deleting this access could harm your website’s overall SEO function. Instead, reach out to prominent sources and request new backlinks that divert customers to the new content.

Add a no-index tag to discontinued pages

In most cases, the content needs to be freshened up or updated to stay relevant and engaging. However, they still reflect the business accurately. Refreshing content or updating it with media works best here.

Sometimes, a business may discontinue a particular product line rendering those pages and content moot. In such cases, it is important to add a no-index tag to the HTML that will prevent search engine algorithms from constantly searching the page. Alternatively, if the product had been popular, chances are old customers can still use the URL to search the page. To avoid confusion, be sure to add a redirect link to another similar product or your target audience.

Before you start changing your content, analyze if the change is needed and to what extent. Often brands start making changes because they feel the content is old but lose out on the SEO advantages brought in by the content.

Keep in mind, there is no standard expiration date that impacts website content. Every decision needs to be taken specifically to the brand and its objectives. If the content is still bringing in traffic, is relevant to your business, and is meeting the important metrics, don’t let time be the reason to disrupt your momentum.

To ensure your content is constantly engaging and relevant while being in line with your SEO goals, be sure to partner with one of the top SEO companies in Mumbai.