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Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Need To Know For 2020

social media graphic design trends you need to know for 2020

Graphic design trends come and go very quickly. But, if you are looking forward to getting ahead of your competitors, then, it is very important for you to keep yourself updated with the latest shifts.

So, here are given some of the easy to action tips which will surely help you to remain updated with your social media visuals in 2020.

  • Muted Color Palettes: These are considered to be a great trend for refreshing and also updating your graphics. Basically, a muted color is such a color which possess either black or white added to it.

So, it is considered to be the opposite of vibrant color. This is an effective trend on social media because it can be quickly applied to your images and headers.

  • Minimalism: For the past few years, there is a huge rise of minimalism. Also, many of the tech companies are making use of minimalism in their landing pages. So, in the year 2020, the minimalism will be, no doubt, a great social media graphic design trend.

Therefore, by focusing on the white space in your particular designs or else by creating clean social media graphics, you can much easily get involved in this social media graphic trend.

  • Branded Animations: Nowadays, the popularity of GIFs is increasing. But, in this regard, it is very important to create a branded and unique GIF as it helps to get ahead of your competitors in the year 2020.

You need to ensure that the GIF is completely unique to you and therefore no competitors can copy it. It contributes to building better brand associations. Apart from that, the GIFs can again be personalized for any particular situation.

  • Dreamy And Abstract Illustrations: From the past few years, the demand for illustrations have been increasing. You can think of dreamy and abstract illustrations as the opposite of realistic illustrations.

This again involves unusual combinations of color along with exaggerated proportions. Also, this particular trend helps to grab attention and that too quickly. It also encourages the readers so that they can spend more time looking at your posts.

  • Heavy But Simple Fonts: One of the best trends which you can perfectly use in your social media graphics is considered to be heavy but simple fonts. These are also known to be an eye-catching addition to the simple graphics.

It will also work effectively for most of the brands. In this regard, you should only focus on the usage of heavy fonts on headers or else important phrases.

Final Words

Therefore, these are some of the best social media graphic design trends which you need to be well aware of for 2020. Apart from that, you can also add some more elements in it and make it the best content approach.

These tips are again very easy to imply and with the help of this, you can easily reach more and more people. So, it will effectively grab the attention of the consumers.