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Website traffic sources: Oars, motors, and sails

website traffic sources oars motors and sailsWhenever you observe enormous web traffic, there’s always a hope for business growth. Every visit actually helps to accomplish the first goal for digital marketing. So, let’s have a look at different sources from where traffic comes from.

Typically, the visitors may come from search, social, paid, referral, direct and email groups. While the search group refers to visitors who have come across the site through search engine results, the email source is nothing but visitors who have subscribed to a newsletter. On the other hand, social group is all about visitors who have clicked the link on a social media post.

As of now, let’s keep referral and direct traffic away and focus on sources that can have an impact o marketing activities. We would be using metaphors to help you understand everything that we are about to talk.

Imagine the website being pushed away from the dock towards the sea for catching fish. The farther you sail, you could probably catch more fish. But, we have some options like sail, row or fire up the motor.

The motor / Paid Advertising

Display ads, social ads, and pay per click are some of the ways that would help you grow the business. Once you have chosen the platform decided the budget, you would be able to gain traffic in a couple of days. As you get a clear idea about the traffic, paid advertising can be quite expensive. So, let’s forget about paid advertising and focus more on sailing the boat.

Sailing / Search Engine Optimization

With the best SEO techniques, you can always enhance the visibility of the website. It’s something similar to a sail that catches the wind. But, there’s no limit to number of web pages you can publish and optimize online.

Once SEO helps you to get web traffic, you can forget about the marketing efforts. But, SEO does take time to increase the page rank especially when you have a new website. If you wish to increase the rank of your website, then you should contact an SEO company in Navi Mumbai.

Rowing / Social Media & Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing is always great to drive web traffic. But, if you are not consistent with the efforts, then you can predict a dull future. Regardless of what the results might be, you can get steady results much like a rower who gathers results through practice.

While you coordinate with the marketing team, do follow a publishing schedule in sync to a marketing strategy. Eventually, you would be able to enhance the brand image and the number of followers as well as the subscribers.

Ultimately, the click through rate is quite important for generating leads. Very few fish might just enter the boat, but to keep progressing, you should always follow certain tips for designing and improving the user experience. If you don’t have the time to optimize the website, then contact an SEO company in Thane.