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The Benefits an Interactive Website Design Offers Your Business

the benefits an interactive website design offers your business

Business Benefits of an Interactive Web Design

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.

A great web design can be inviting and informative for your customers. While this is great, a two-way conversation is always better than a one-sided monologue. An interactive website engages customers to participate with the brand in a meaningful way. The form of interaction could be varied such as writing a comment, sharing a link, or playing a video. By engaging customers, brands can encourage them to spend more time at the website thus gaining an insight into customer behaviour. To know what form of interactive behaviour is best for your brand, you can get in touch with a custom web design company.

Here we take a look at some of the benefits that an interactive website can offer your business.

Enhance customer interaction

A website is a great place to interact with a customer as here brands can control how they want to represent themselves. An interactive design offers customers the benefit of a retail experience online. From asking pertinent questions to improve customer experience to showing a simple demo video, web design services can be a huge asset in building customer relationships.

Pave the way for increased conversions

As customers engage with a website, a relationship builds. When it comes time to make a purchase, customers are more likely to return to the website they interacted with rather than a generic one. Further, in case the design offers customised designs or promotions through the interaction, they will be further motivated to purchase from the brand thus increasing conversions.

Offer a personalised experience

34% of consumers are more likely to make an unplanned purchase after receiving personalized content.

Through interaction, brands can learn a lot about their customers. This data allows brands to understand customers better and tailor their services to meet their needs better or offer promotional offers that are more likely to succeed. Features such as quizzes are a great way to understand customer preferences.

Additionally, asking for product reviews can offer brands insight into how their product was received and any modifications that could improve customer experience. Acquiring this data through surveys and forums can be time-consuming and expensive. An interactive web design by the best web design agency can offer brands huge value for a fraction of the cost.

Encourages action

Users spend 88% more time on pages with videos.

An interactive web design encourages a customer to act. Initially, it may be to view a video or write a comment. However, often customers visit a site and leave after a few minutes without participating. By encouraging users to stay on and participate, brands can encourage certain targeted actions. These can be to view certain offers or promotional schemes, learn more about the product or the company or even motivate customers to make a purchase.

Gives your website an updated and fresh look

94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design.

An interactive web design is likely to be updated more frequently than a static one. Whether it is to update quizzes, revise promotional offers, or share some new information, the content is always being changed. This gives your website a fresh and updated look which boosts credibility.

Customers are more likely to return often to participate or learn what’s the latest information boosting your overall Google ranking. The best web design company would be able to offer creative and unique ideas to enhance engagement and interaction on your website in a way that keeps you relevant, informative and engaging online for better business.

Create relevant and informative content

Content plays an important role in the marketing and sales functions of every brand. From a blog to a social media post to even an information brochure – everything requires content. Creating relevant and engaging content can bring a lot more customers while also building better relations with them. By knowing where the customer clicks and the topics that are of more interest to them, brands will be in a position to create far more relevant content for their target audience.


Thus, an interactive web design offers a myriad of benefits to your brand and, in turn, to your customer as well. they bring in more customers, boost engagement, offer you an insight into customer behaviour and help you tailor your business offerings and content in the right direction of what your customer’s need. If you’re looking to step up your digital game, get in touch with a web design company today and start interacting!