Marketing strategy of Zomato, how they are winning hearts.

Marketing strategy of Zomato, how they are winning hearts.

Zomato is an Indian Multinational food aggregator and food delivery company that provides information about the restaurants, customers reviews, menu, and primarily acts as a bridge between restaurants to the customers.
It helps to satiate people’s cravings and hunger with the help of a few clicks.
In 2008 Zomato embarked on its journey as “Foodiebay” but later it was renamed Zomato.
How did Zomato become people’s apple of an eye?
There’s no doubt that Zomato for sure has a spectacular marketing strategy to empower the brand.
Zomato’s SEO strategy -:
Zomato stands very prominent in food delivery startups.
Whenever we search for anything related to food or our favorite dish, Zomato is the first one to appear.
Zomato utilizes SEO to a wide extent. They get 99% of organic reach and the rest they get from Paid marketing. Zomato uses up to 900k keywords that help them obtain organic reach massively. Targeting keywords to such a large extent helps them optimize organically. This is one of the reasons why Zomato stands prominent in the food delivery industry.

Another reason why Zomato has become a major hit is their “Friendly nature”.
Zomato understands that love and connection is the only way people will find the brand reliable.
Zomato has been pulling out the best marketing strategy by connecting with their audience to a large extent. From making memes to sending personalised pop-ups and using current affairs, Zomato leaves no opportunity to promote their brand. Their tweets on trending memes are something you shouldn’t miss.

Above image belongs to socialsamosa
Zomato tweeted this when “Rasoi mein Kaun tha” was trending.

Above image belongs to socialsamosa
They also give quirky yet calm responses to the customers with silly complaints like this.
Because of meme marketing, their audience feels relatable and it has become a great source to build brand loyalty.
What do you think about Zomato’s strategy ?

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