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Tips marketers should follow at key life events


Life event marketing is everything about recognizing people who going through big events in their lives thereby leading to a change in the buying behavior. Initially, this appears tough, but with the growth of Big Data, marketing professionals gather clues and analyze for the ‘right time’ marketing strategy. While a new strategy might not be chalked down, life event targeting is one of the easiest tactics to engage consumers at the right time. However, 55% of people understand the concept and lure consumers to purchase products or go through contracts. Those who are successful in running a targeting campaign are merely 24% and the rest are new to the concept. So, to help you out, we have listed some tips every professional should follow before approaching PPC advertising companies in India.

Focus more on context: 

It’s always important to understand the context of someone’s behavior. Individuals should be aware of why they doing something different. For instance, if a department understands that a middle age woman is seeking culinary items then it’s interesting. Moreover, if the team come to know that a child would be enrolling to an educational institute then it’s even more interesting. This means that the team should work on promoting banking deals rather than laying a focus on culinary items. As per our experience, such a method impacts the ROI substantially. It might not create returns for every penny that’s spent, but business owners would reach out to prospects in the forthcoming weeks.

Follow Context-Led marketing: 

Creating the right message totally depends on the context captured through life event information. Based on touchpoints, personalized emails and display of ads can help for increasing the results and in developing long-term customer loyalty. For example, in a programme meant for kids and mothers the team had identified parents who change their car frequently or when they have given birth to a second child. Well, this helped a long way for the automobile industry because they crafted a message to engage parents with safety features as well as environmental benefits.

 Consider data & digital content:

Many times, life event marketing is not a new technique but it’s known for the marketing mix. This ultimately is what a person can expect with the advent of Big Data used for identifying customers in real time. As digital channels are a part of the promotional activities, brands are in a better position to reach to consumers at the right time. Marketers can then adapt to messaging and follow up with customers who change life event status quite often. The end result is that the campaign is relevant and evolves gradually with the changing needs.

While such form of marketing may not be the best approach, there are many organizations which think differently to boost the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. So, a marketer should keep himself updated with data and factual information. They must ensure that the communication is contextually relevant in every way. This tip does work when the team knows everything about the target consumers.

Speak with the team working at a PPC company in Mumbai if you’re planning to go for life event marketing.