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Website redesign- when do you need?

Website redesign- when do you need

90% of users will continue shopping because of a great user experience.

A website is the first impression of a business. For it to be at its optimum best, it needs a lot more than to look good, it needs to be strategically functional too. When it comes to website design, there is a lot more at stake than choosing the right template and colour. A website design can offer tremendous business value by aiding conversions. If your website is not helping you bring in and convert more customers, it may be time for a redesign. Reach out to a website development agency in Mumbai for innovative designs.

Often, an entire digital marketing strategy can be compromised if the company website isn’t up to the mark. Here we bring you major red flags signalling it is time for a website redesign that should not be ignored.

Your website caters to the past

Businesses are constantly growing and evolving. These may be in the form of new product releases, new company goals, redefining the brand vision, or more. To remain credible and relevant, it is crucial that your website reflects the current perspectives of your brand. A lot of businesses grow leaps and bounds over the years but are unable to capitalise on their success owing to an outdated website. Ensure that your website is accurately reflecting your current business structure at all times to provide customers with the right perspective.

The buying process isn’t streamlined

A website can serve as several members of a sales force – from an advertising executive to a salesperson and a payment counter. However, if navigating the purchase process is difficult, you are losing out on crucial business. A good website seamlessly nudges the audience toward a purchase. It is important to design and optimise the landing pages and purchase process in a way that best suits the behaviours of your target audience. For a custom website design in India that best reflects your business, connect with a leading web design company in India today.

A slow loading speed

Increasing your website loading speed can prevent the loss of 7 per cent of possible conversions.

Showcasing creativity through the use of multimedia has become important these days to keep the audience interested. However, if a heavy website takes time to load, people no longer have the patience to wait more than a couple of seconds. This is one of the most crucial aspects of web design that all brands must adhere to.

Slow-loading websites can have customers moving to competitors in a heartbeat even if your product or information is of better quality. If your pages are not optimised and quick to load, a web redesign is of utmost importance to ensure all the visitors that come to your site, stay long enough to convert into a customer.

Not a mobile-responsive website

Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

These days a majority of people use mobile devices and tablets to search for information. If the website isn’t responsive on multiple screens it is severely going to lose out to competitors. In fact, Google’s new policy update checks for mobile responsiveness as a factor in deciding to rank as well. A mobile-responsive website is no longer an option but a necessity for brands these days. People want everything available to them at a click of a button, regardless of what device they are using. To ensure you are ahead of the curve, connect with a website designing agency in India.

Lack of website traffic

A great indicator of whether your web design is working or not is the quantity and quality of traffic coming in. If you aren’t getting many visitors, it may be time to check your website. Additionally, an outdated or old website may not rank well on search engines making it difficult for your audience to find you. Make sure your design is according to the latest industry trends and all your content is updated for relevance.

A great website design can be a great accompaniment to your digital marketing strategy. From enhancing customer engagement to sales conversions, a website can be a great marketing partner. If you have noticed either of the red flags listed above, it is time to invest in a web redesign. While a lot of brands look to avoid this cost, it can offer huge dividends in the future. To keep your website well-ranked and offer a memorable user experience, reach out to a leading website development company in India today.