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Why Your Real Estate Agency Should Be Taking Advantage of Social Media

Why Your Real Estate Agency Should Be Taking Advantage of Social Media

When conducting a home search, 99% of millennials and 90% of older boomers search online first.

Social media has been a boon for several industries, one of which is real estate. Establishing a brand presence on social media can go a long way in helping realtors increase their reach and boost their business. The multimedia options available online coupled with an extensive reach allow realtors to promote their business and connect with the right people at the right time.

If your real estate brand isn’t online yet, it is definitely time to take action. A social media marketing agency can help you find your footing online and create a powerful social media presence. Here, we take a look at some of the top ways in which social media can benefit realtors.

Strengthen credibility

Reputation and credibility are crucial assets in the real estate industry. When people make the decision of buying or selling a house, they want to choose someone they consider reliable. A social media presence can help you boost your credibility in the industry. A strong social media presence is likely to encourage more clients to reach out to you. On the other hand, a lack of social media visibility could cause clients to shift associations.

Engage clients and peers

Networking is an important part of the real estate industry. Realtors need to constantly be in touch with their clients and their peers to stay relevant. Social media is a great way to do this. You can reach and engage your audience by sharing industry tips, writing informative posts, using multimedia creatively etc. Additionally, you can use this platform to connect with your peers and learn from their experiences.

Leverage social proof

Social proof is the ace in the hand of almost every industry but is even more important in real estate. Positive testimonials can go a long way in boosting your business and bringing in new clients and referrals. Use social media marketing services to take advantage of every positive interaction and experience. Highlight your successes through stories and posts to boost visibility among your audience and maximise your business.

Market creatively

Real estate is all about portraying things at their best – and social media helps you do just that. Forget about the perfect listing on paper. Instead, get creative and use social media to market your properties. Everything from high-resolution property photos and tour videos is a great way to get the audience interested in your listings. Add a personal touch by using photos of the place to share how future owners can enjoy the property.  To know more about how you can creatively position your listings online for maximum return, be sure to reach out to the best social media marketing companies.

Encourage communication

Realtors are almost always on call! Chances are clients come across listings at different times of the day or week and want to connect with the realtor to discuss details. Social media allows for a great platform for communication. Everything from comments or DMs allows for easy communication. Additionally, you can promote your website on social media platforms and promote links for various contact options. When it comes to real estate, clients need to know they can easily get in touch with the realtor for any concerns.

Share industry insights

Real estate is a highly dynamic industry. The market is constantly changing and every policy impacts real estate in various ways. Using social media, real estate agencies can position themselves as industry experts. Use these platforms to share industry insights, the latest news, and developments, policy changes, etc. This will help you position yourself as a key industry member and bring more clients to you.

Expand your reach

Typical online and offline marketing may be limited in reach. However, social media works wonders to increase your reach globally. An active social media presence allows you to connect with clients that may be interested in a listing across geographical boundaries. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that may not have been available before.

Thus, social media marketing services are important for almost every business and professional these days. However, when it comes to the real estate industry, social media is no longer an option but a necessity. Start building your online presence today to boost business and increase your reach.