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How did BBC’s new logo jump into controversy?

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. The British Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom that stands prominent in the Media industry all over the world because of its unparalleled services.
BBC is one of the largest and oldest news broadcasters in the world. BBC has segments like BBC studios, BBC sport, BBC Music, BBC News. BBC broadcasts in 28 languages.

BBC became widely known during the dreadful and historical times of World War 2. They showed the significant and key events of World World 2 and became the reliable source to seek accurate information about the current happenings.

Lately, the BBC changed their logo and it immediately became a topic of controversy. The original BBC logo can be traced back to its roots in 1936.
The BBC logo has had a vast evolution. The first logo was used from 1958 to 1963. The BBC logo is unique and has the potential to explain the nature of the company well.
The first and the original logo had three blocks incorporating the letters BBC in the black background colour. BBC is known for rarely changing its logo but recently BBC has unveiled the new logo.

As soon as the BBC revealed its new logo it hopped into controversy. People are guffawing at the modifications of the new BBC logo. Many Twitter users have claimed that the old and the new logo look very similar. And the question has been massively arising why both logos look similar. Changing the design completely doesn’t always assure you that it will be changed entirely; rather, minor modifications are made to enhance its beauty.

Many people have also said that splurging money on redesigning is useless if there are no significant necessities. But in the BBC’s case,
people have been brutally trolling the BBC’s new logo. There is a change in the new logo. It has wide space between the squares, the font is changed, it is a bit smaller and symmetrical.

People are finding it hilarious because of the cost required to redesign the logo which is quietly visible on the website. People are going furious because of the amount it cost for redesigning.

While some are furious about the change some have taken it positively.
Some are saying that using the new In-house designed font is a great cost saving exercise and that will help the company to save a lot of money. As they are now using the in-house designed font it will save a lot of their money for paying for the previous font.

The BBC’s chief customer officer has come in defence after receiving a wave of backlash for the new logo.
“The makeover will help to enhance the company and can help the audience to navigate them.”
What are your thoughts on the new logo?